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Pi Kappa Alpha Crest
Fall 2002 Volume 51 Number 1
9 Dec 02

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University

SMC Report

Jeffrey Mihalakis '03

For the first half of the Fall 2002 semester, the active brotherhood of Beta Theta Chapter has been an impressive display of sacrifice and resiliency. Following the demise of many other strong fraternity chapters on campus, and an increased stronghold from the Interfraternity Council for remaining chapters to fall within campus guidelines, Beta Theta entered this semester with a challenging future. However, in response to these challenges have been Pike successes.

At the conclusion of last semester, Beta Theta inducted 26 new members, all but two of whom currently reside in the house. The house currently holds 24 members and thanks to improvements in the bar room, and the hard work of House Manager Ryan Lupo '05 and House Steward Andrew Stumacher '05, it is looking better than ever. Additionally, Pike continues to be represented on IFC by Josh Little '03 who is currently serving as the Vice President of Judicial Affairs.

With the help of our new national advisor Mike Hayes, Beta Theta has begun to renew its honored standing with Cornell University. Early in the semester the brotherhood invited Suzy Nelson, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, to the house for dinner and discussion. There Suzy informed the brotherhood of the faith she has in Pike to remain a strong presence on campus, and her trust in us that we will continue to exemplify what Cornell values in its fraternity system. This meeting was followed by a majority of Pikes attending Cornell's philanthropy event, "Collegetown Cleanup" in which the most represented house on campus was Pi Kappa Alpha.

Going beyond relations within Cornell's community, Pike has outstretched its hand to the Cornell Police Department as well. Earlier in the semester the law enforcement agencies expressed sentiments of displeasure with the parties fraternities conduct on campus. So as to resolve any ill relations, Pike invited Sgt. Mike Musci of the Cornell Police to the house for dinner and discussed remedies to the current problems between college students and law enforcement officers. We were encouraged to become the proactive leaders to resolve today's current issues. Sgt. Musci commented how Pike had been the only chapter to go the distance we went in opening the lines of communication with local law enforcement.

Overall, Pi Kappa Alpha continues to be outstanding and remains one of the strongest brotherhoods at Cornell. We continue with great accomplishments in athletics, philanthropy and rush. This semester looks to become yet another great accomplishment for Pike in its 85th year at Cornell University.

Community Service

Kevin Mulvehill '04, External Vice President

This semester Beta Theta has made great efforts to personify the proud values and principles that set Pike above all other fraternities on this campus. The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha have been working hard to show their commitment to improving Cornell University and the City of Ithaca.

At this year's IFC sponsored Collegetown cleanup Pike had the most members of any Cornell fraternity participating in the event. Over 30 active brothers showed up in an effort to give back to the residents of Collegetown. They all helped to make this event a tremendous success.

On October 26th a number of brothers participated in the third annual Book Festival at Ithaca's Boynton Elementary School. The brothers read to children, helped with arts and crafts, and some even dressed up as children's favorite story book characters. The event has been conducted for the last three years in an effort to encourage reading for the area's youth. This year's attendance set a new record with over 2100 children in attendance.

Last month a number of brothers started a book drive for the Ithaca Tompkins County Public Library. After cleaning out the nest and assembling personal donations they put together a collection of over 70 books and donated them as a gift to the Ithaca Tompkins County Public Library.

These experiences have been very fulfilling ones for the members of Pike. We hope to continue to give back to the Ithaca and Cornell communities in the coming months.

Chapter Advisor's Desk

Reid Orth, Chapter Advisor

If you have not visited the house recently, you are in for a big surprise! The first things you'll notice at the house are the new furniture in the chapter meeting room, the new carpeting leading to the basement (replacing the circa 1800's carpet), and the remodeled bar room. In the past five years I've advised at the house, I have never seen it look as nice as it does now!

With the return of last year's large pledge class, the house has had another successful start to the school year. The guys hit the ground running when they returned as members of the International Headquarters came to the chapter to speak with members of the executive board and to provide their annual guidance. They were pleased with the house and facilitated a great exchange of information. As usual, much of the information they passed along involved rush, although by our numbers last year the actives are doing a great job as it is.

Other great news -- the actives' GPA ranked 4th and 13th out of 43 fraternities in the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Mike Hayes , Cornell's Director of Research, Engineering Graduate Studies and Professional Education, is using his years of experience as the PiKA International Education Foundation Chairperson and as a university administrator at Cornell and Miami University to help the actives build upon their current successful organization. He is helping the fraternity remain the leaders on campus as Cornell's Officer of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs increases its oversight and regulation of fraternity activities. To further ensure the actives adhere to the current rules and regulations at Cornell, Jeff Mihalakis , Chapter President, made PiKA the first fraternity to invite Cornell University Police Department (CUPD) to discuss risk management. Two CUPD police officers came on their own time after completing their shifts and were able to enjoy a nice Italian meal prepared by the house cook prior to the open forum discussion.

Homecoming this past year brought back many alumni, including several dating back to the at least the 1950's. A significant amount of discussion and planning took place on issues concerning alumni relations. An idea that brought widespread approval was the creation of annual East Coast and West Coast alumni events. This would increase regional Pike relations and would bring Pike to the alumni who are unable to come to Ithaca for Homecoming or Reunion Weekend due to travel limitations. Details are still materializing on this so stay tuned!

Rick Eno , Alpha Theta Alumni Relations Chair, Emanuel Sepulveda , and I are making an active effort with a team of volunteers from the Homecoming meeting to enhance alumni relations. To facilitate the planning and execution of alumni activities, such as the East/West Coast parties, we hope to recruit support from at least one individual for each two-year group of graduates. If you are interested, please contact Rick, Emanuel, or myself.

Alumni are always welcome at the house. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions prior to your next stop into Ithaca! Congratulations to the actives on another great year!!


Mark Major '03, Rush Chair

Following in the footsteps of the previous successful years of Pike rush, I am proud to report that rush could not be going any better for us this year. Even with Cornell limiting many of our more traditional rush tactics that we have used in the past, we have still been able to attract many potential rushees who are very excited about the opportunities that the Beta Theta chapter can provide them. Events such as paintball, bowling, basketball and football have been a tremendous success in this effort. With our large Pikathlon party in November, we expect our group of rushees to grow. I have great confidence that my expectations will be met with an even larger pledge class than last year.


Marc Pantirer '05, Athletic Chair

This year we have competed in all possible fraternity sporting events that are run through Cornell's intramural program. We had a strong season in Flag Football, as our seniors led the way to winning third place in the league. Led by our sophomore class, Pike ranked second in the golf tournament. All other team and individual events, which include bowling, soccer, ice hockey, doubles tennis, and volleyball, are in the middle of their seasons. We expect great results in hopes of attaining the all-sports trophy.


May 1, 2003 Spring 2003 Beta Theta DATA deadline
June 5-8, 2003 Reunion Weekend Future Reunion dates
October 25, 2003 Homecoming vs. Harvard Future Homecoming dates
November 1, 2003 Fall 2003 Beta Theta DATA deadline

Homecoming 2002

Jordan Karlik '04, Homecoming Chair

This year's Homecoming events were one of the best attended in years. All of those who spent Homecoming in Ithaca would surely agree that this year's homecoming was a great success. We saw a largest turnout from the Class of 1954 as well as the recent alumni from the class of 2000. The house has never looked as good as it does today and everyone seemed to agree that it has been greatly enhanced by the recent renovations.

The annual meeting of the Alpha Theta Housing Corporation met and discussed the many issues of the active chapter, Cornell University and Beta Theta alumni. We had a brief report from Suzy Nelson, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. She expressed her satisfaction with everyone's hard work and dedication to Pike and Cornell. We also saw our recent alumni continue our efforts to get more alumni involved in Pike and planed on holding more alumni events outside of Ithaca.

Overall it was an incredible weekend for everyone who attended. The active chapter would like to thank all the alumni who were able to make it, and encourage those of you who didn't to start making your plans for next fall! We hope that more alumni return next year and thank all that made the trip to Ithaca. The energy expressed by everyone throughout the whole weekend really illustrated the spirit of phi phi k a, and hopefully will continue for years to come.

Mr. Jeffrey Mihalakis, SMC
Beta Theta Chapter
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
17 South Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

Dear Jeff:

You may recall a group of elderly gents who showed up at the Chapter House on Friday, September 27 to partake in the Homecoming wine and cheese reception that was held there that evening. We were alumni and Brothers from the Classes of 1952-54 who get together every other year for Cornell Homecomings.

The purpose of this note is to express our collective thanks and congratulations for the warm and generous reception and hospitality that we were accorded during our visit. We want you and the Members to know that the friendly and outgoing attitudes of the Brothers we met and talked to left a deep impression on all of us, and were the subject of much favorable comment. We were also delighted to observe and learn of the healthy state of the Chapter's active membership numbers and the dedication and commitment of the Brothers.

With the outstanding group of young men we met, we are confident that the Chapter faces a bright future. Please accept our thanks and very best wishes, and convey them to the membership.

In the bonds.

Bernie Rosner '54
San Ramon, California
October 9, 2002

Alumni Notes

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Doug Wright '81 is enjoying life aboard the Deacon Blue in Lake Pleasant, Arizona. He's finally joined a rock & roll band, The B Team.

"I have enjoyed seeing Bob Dores and family, Frank Koh and family, and Jim Criscuolo (aka Gringo Bill). Please come visit and we'll fish."

Aldo Morell '77 is featured in the July 30th Dupont Daily News.

It's been a pretty hectic year for Ken Parsons '89 . Following the tragic events of Sept 11th, he was asked nicely (i.e., ordered) by the US Air Force to take leave of his nice cushy job flying 747 jumbo jets around the Pacific Rim for UPS and report for active duty once again.

"I have spent the past 10 months doing my part in the war on terrorism, flying the mighty C-5 Galaxy in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. My missions take me all across the globe, from Germany to Guam, Africa to Afghanistan, Diego Garcia to Delaware - some garden spots, some hell holes. As of October, I should be able to return to my decadent life as an airline pilot (with lots of free time to get into trouble - my golf game is rapidly approaching single digit handicap status!) I'm sure a lot of the Hong Kong massage parlors are wondering where I've been after being such a reliable customer for so long ... if anyone needs a nice Rolex knockoff, give me a ring."

Alfredo Martel '87 and wife Tomie are celebrating the arrival of their second daughter Emi. Born June 16th, 2002 in perfect health. (Pijuan Ramos dropped by our room as he was on watch at the emergency room that night!) Her sister Tomie Marie cannot stop smiling as she finally got the sister she so badly wanted.

"I left AJC Food and I am now working as Director of Taco Bell & Multi-branding for Tricon Restaurants Inc. here in PR. Doing very well and enjoying a return to an industry that is more focused on consumer sales & marketing! 'Saludos!' "

Jim Lang '89 has a 2 year old son, James Riley Lang, and is expecting another baby boy in November 2002. The Langs have lived in Cincinnati OH for five years, and this fall will be relocating to Milwaukee WI.

Neil Best '82 attended his 20th Reunion in June of 2002, and attended the PiKA reception hosted by Ken Hull '64 and Dave Miles '66. Later that night, the Class of '97 brothers in attendance hosted an impromptu party at the house to watch the Tyson-Lewis fight.

"Old farts including Ken, Dave, me, Andy Bjork '82, Rick Eno '82, and Steve Crump '82 joined the younger guys for beer and boxing around midnight. Thank you Class of '97! Nate Rudgers and Jon Poe also were back for their 20th."

Neil Cantor '94 joined brothers Tony Prentice '94 and Rob Claypoole '94 for a mellow Las Vegas weekend ahead of Tony's May 2002 wedding. The wedding went of without a hitch in NYC. Tony remembered most of his lines.

"I've relocated to Cambridge MA in August 2001 to begin B-school at MIT. Brothers in need of lodging when in town are welcome."

Kurt Dodd '79 writes that he has made his recent contribution to the Capital Improvement Fund on the condition that Rick Eno struts around the Alpha Theta meeting like a chicken, chanting loudly 'Hit me with your rhythm stick - hit me hard - hit me quick - hit me, hit me, hit me.'

"This should not be a major issue, since he will probably do this anyway!"

Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

Peter Lee Conner Atkeson '80
January 6, 2002

Peter died of a heart attack. His generosity of spirit touched many of us, and we mourn his passing. His ashes rest at St. John's Church across the street from Lafayette Park and the White House. Condolences and memories can be shared with his parents, Edward and Sally Atkeson, 202 Vassar Place, Alexandria, VA 22314-4825.

Ronald F. Goeggel '77
May 17, 2002

Robert G. House '49
May 21, 2002

John H. Lane Jr., '54

Captain J.C. Mullen '42
September 2, 2001

James E. Staunton
October 30, 2001


term Alpha Theta Director
2003 Steve Amador, Treasurer
2004 Tim Cole, President
2005 Marco Boyce
2006 Ken Hull, Vice President
2007 Rick Eno, Alumni Relations
Spring '03 Undergraduate Exec Board
President Jeff Mihalakis '03
Internal VP Andrew Stumacher '05
External VP Ari Heckman '05
Treasurer Dave Pantirer '03
Secretary Stephen Glynn '04

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