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Pi Kappa Alpha Crest
Fall 2003 Volume 52 Number 1
22 Jan 04

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University

SMC Report

Andrew Stumacher '05

In the spring of 2003, we discussed my goals as SMC and now we ask you to determine if we are on our way in meeting them. So far this semester we have concentrated our efforts in several areas; the largest being an effort to return Pi Kappa Alpha its reputation and glory.

Our most recent initiates are our future group of leaders and it is my goal to teach them the correct ways of operating Pike, teaching ritual, and creating brothers from rushees. Led by House Manager Brian Rosenberg '06, Secretary/Steward Jeffrey Garfinkel '06, and Co-Rush Chair Cory Fulton '06, the future leadership of Pike is a bright one indeed. Since a university sanction requires that the SMC must now live in the House, we have taken advantage and have had informal leadership discussions with the youngest pledge class in hopes that they will complete the transition of power going from the seniors to the juniors.

Our relationships with Alpha Theta Corp. and our new Chapter Advisor, Mike Hayes, have improved significantly due to Homecoming Weekend. We have compromised on certain issues regarding the physical chapter house's condition and reputation. We believe the more active role that the actives now have with alumni will benefit the chapter in the years to come.

Our organization as a chapter is an item we had mentioned needed improvement. Currently, we are working on job descriptions for officers and committee chairs, reorganizing committees, and working into the new member education program, lessons to teach the pledges the correct way to run our House.

We invite you to visit our web site to view up to date business of the house. In the near future, I hope to add minutes of chapter meetings and general news so that alumni can relive their memories of being an active brother of Beta Theta.

The upcoming spring semester is a challenge to us, as we want to improve our pledge education program, while ensuring that there will be no return to ways of the past. Our new member educator, Scott Seiler '04, and myself will be seeing that the new wave of gentlemen exceeds everyone's expectations and that Pi Kappa Alpha does the same.

Homecoming Recap

Jeffrey Garfinkel '06, SC

The annual Cornell Beta Theta Homecoming Weekend celebration is always an event that draws enthusiasm and excitement from active members and alumni alike. This year's affair was no different as The Pi Kappa Alpha house welcomed alumni whom recently graduated as well as alumni from over forty-years ago. And for all those young-uns out there, we played host to the man who brought Shield into all of our lives. We shall be grateful. As usual, the weekend started off with the annual wine and cheese, which once again was a smash success. Everyone was smashed, so it was a success. I've never seen so many old men be so polite around so many drunk 20-somethings. However, I don't think they'd mind the drunks, after all, the wives were back home. On a more serious note, those who lost things other than their lunches can pick up any articles in the Beta Theta lost and found box. Back to the weekend; all the alumni and current members shared stories and gained personal insight at the wine and cheese. In fact, I personally learned of the hockey game that used to take place between the actives and the alumni. Now, I can understand how none of the alumni would like to come home from the weekend with bruises and broken bones, but if you old men are really that afraid to play all you had to do was say so. So listen here and now, and make sure you're hearing aids are on high, I am issuing a challenge to all the one-time "athletes". If possible, we'll arrange for ice time next year and hopefully continue this awesome tradition of kicking old men's asses, on skates!

The weekend continued with a wonderful continental breakfast that went in accordance with the annual Alpha Theta meeting. Sadly, and with a heavy heart, I must report that the bagels were a little hard and there was a limited selection of prune danish. Oh, and the meeting was cool too. Elections were held for the positions on the Alpha Theta board and I'm proud to say that we have some young blood on the board. I, along with all the recent alumni and actives are greatly looking forward to the energy, commitment, and forward outlook that these men can bring. It will only be a matter of time before they prove themselves to all alumni. During the day we held a barbeque at the house before the football game and tailgating. It flowed smoothly and carried over to the game, which, more often than not, was another loss for the Big Red. And to Brown, I know you old dudes are flipping out right now.

Later on Saturday night, there was the annual Homecoming formal, which included the lewd, co-ed, hell-raising events accustomed to the year's event. Just kidding, the event was as classy and elegant as it always has been. Beautiful 19-year olds as far as the eye can see. There were multiple "How'd Ya Like's" as well as what has also become an annual occurrence around Beta Theta, the musical stylings of a Mr. Steven Bard. For those of you not familiar with Bard's tunes, he plays all the favorite's from the 60's on and does it well. It is not much to say that the house was rockin'.

All in all, it was another great weekend for Beta Theta. Friendships were rekindled, leaders emerged, and hopefully next year we can bring back some of the traditions that have died out. Now once again, I encourage all alumni to make it out for next year's celebration. I have no doubt that it will top all the rest, not to mention give you fellas some much needed time away. So until next year's recap, it's been one helluva weekend, and I look forward to being criticized for my writing at the next Homecoming.

Pikes on The Cape

Rick Eno '82

We were no more than ten minutes into the Pikes on the Cape weekend when Tim Cole's lovely wife Jeanine yelled, "OK, who just threw up in the house?" The instinctive response, was of course from Bill Webster, "What, Friggy again?" But, no. Peter Aufrigtig ' 79 was not present. And so began the New England Pike Weekend.

The vomiting culprit was actually Tim's dog, Guido, whom we immediately bid and initiated into Pike. And thus we created another true bro and future barfer for the bar room.

On a nice May weekend, a group of Pikes and their families gathered on Cape Cod for a party at Tim's place. Among the attendees were the Family Weblet - Bill, Anne and their two children, Geoffrey and Ben - hands down winners of the people-miles award driving from Albany. Paul Bauer, with wife Alexia and future Pike James, road tripped down from the Boston area as did Hans Rempel. Local Cape Codder Mike Matthewson, girlfriend and daughter rounded out the group.

Activities included a round of golf on Tim's local "Executive Course", a barbecue at the Cole residence and telling Gibber stories. As most Pike events go, this one degenerated as Paul "Jack Ass - the Sequel" Bauer put on Guido's shock collar and gave each bro a chance to administer the treatment. "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" The last we saw of Paul he was hiding under the couch exhibiting his best behavior.

Lame award of the weekend goes to Mark "LeRoux" Nestle who bailed out at the last minute because he "had to ride his new lawnmower". This passion for machinery kept his wife, and long time Pike icon, Jodi from playing golf on the Cape. Word among the group was that Mark would be destined to be spending a few nights sleeping in the garage cuddled up next to his new lovely lawnmower.

It was a great time and we are already making plans to have a similar reunion in late spring 2004 somewhere in the Western Massachusetts / Albany area. It's got to be near a golf course and a place where Paul can run freely without his collar. Please drop me a note if you have any suggestions or are interested in helping with the planning. Hope to see you there!

CornellPike Educational Foundation

Ralph A. Olivier '76
President, CornellPike Educational Foundation Inc.

The Foundation was formed to create an avenue for tax-deductible contributions by alumni to the Beta Theta chapter for legitimate charitable activities. Also, the Foundation acted as a vehicle for the continuation of the Art Stallman Award. The Stallman Award had been created by Bob Sproul, in memory of Art Stallman, and the award was administered by a local Ithaca bank, through a bank officer that had been a friend of Bob Sproul. The bank wished to relinquish this responsibility, for among other reasons, the fund was relatively modest. At the time, the formation of the Foundation seemed like a good idea.

The articles of incorporation for the Foundation require that members of the Foundation elect the Board of Directors of the Foundation at Homecoming weekend. With recent attendance at Homecoming being down for various reasons, the Foundation has been unable to meet its quorum requirement, so the Foundation has been unable to function. Therefore, the existing directors of the CornellPike Educational Foundation have come to the conclusion that continuing the existence of the Foundation would serve no purpose.

Therefore, the Directors are going to dissolve the Foundation, and place the funds currently under the control of the Foundation with the Pi Kappa Alpha National Educational Foundation. The national Foundation currently has some funds that have been given in memory of Mike Carter and Gibber. The national Foundation will not disperse any grants until the amount under administration for any chapter exceeds $10,000. The funds from the CornellPike Foundation will get us closer to that goal, but will not get us past that threshold.

The directors of the CornellPike Foundation intend to respect the intentions of Bob Sproul in creating the Art Stallman Award, and will direct the funds that came from the Stallman Award be recorded as such with the national Foundation. The directors will try to compile the requirements for the Art Stallman Award that Bob Sproul set forth, and ask national to comply with those criteria. Any help from alumni who are familiar with the criteria for the Stallman Award would be greatly appreciated.

As you can imagine, with the current rates of return on investments, a $10,000 amount would only generate a scholarship award of a few hundred dollars. In today's high priced college education world, these amounts are insignificant. Also, the national Foundation will probably require a minimum of $10,000 for any named award for the same reason. Therefore, when you are considering your charitable giving options at the end of the year, I urge you to contribute to the national Educational Foundation, in the name of Art Stallman, or Mike Carter, so that we may get these two awards over $10,000 each, and so that awards may be given in their honor.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me.


January 19, 2004 Rush Week starts
February 28, 2004 Founders' Day Formal (tentative)
May 1, 2004 Spring 2004 Beta Theta DATA deadline
June 10-13, 2004 Reunion Weekend Future Reunion dates
October 16, 2004 Homecoming vs. Colgate Future Homecoming dates
November 1, 2004 Fall 2004 Beta Theta DATA deadline

Alumni Notes

Go to - Updated Alumni Notes -

2003 Homecoming Alumni brothers who got together for dinner at Cornellís 2003 Homecoming. From left to right: Steve Amador, Dave Miles, Tim Cole, Rick Eno, Mark Ochs, Ralph Olivier, Chris Felden, and Ken Hull.

lounge deckfirst beer Stag Lake hosts Suzy and Justus vonLengerke '75 greeted many returning revellers at their July 4th weekend bash, including Maxine & Dennis Arnsdorf '75, Jean & Barry Marcus '75, Carol & Charles Baker '75, Jerri & Tom Sporney '75, Carol & Ralph Oliver '76, Judith & Rich Cotter '76, Ann & Joe Fiteni '76, Linda & Chip Baines '78, John Bickerman '78, and Beth Morse.

The usual overdose of food, drink, and conversation was mixed with beautiful sunny weather and a finale of rockets and mortars. The New Jersey Wildlife Commission pronounced the event a success after it dragged the lake and came up empty.

Mark Ochs '79 says his oldest son, Andy, will be attending Cornell this fall. He has already been in touch with Nate Rudgers' son, Judson, class of 2006.

Graduating seniors made the Cornell Chronicle's front page carrying the Cornell banner entering Schoellkopf Field on Graduation Day.

Chris Reading '90 says that all is well in Nashville TN.

"I am currently married and have a beautiful two and one-half year old daughter. My wife's name is Shelli and my daughter is Bonnie Nicole."

"In other news, my twin brother Eric and I have been pursuing a music career since our move to Nashville in mid-1997. We are finally making good progress and have just finished our debut CD entitled "One Of Those Days". It is available on our website at ."

"Ray Mirza '92 was married this past year. Brothers Dave Cook, Mark Gerber, Ray Somerstadt, John Goodman, Eric Fisher, and myself all attended. Dave Cook '89 and Casey Cook '91 are both doing well; I speak with them often."

Neil Best '82 recently attended the Cornell - New Hampshire game in the Frozen Four with Nathan Lee Rudgers '82.

"Afterward, we went out for wings at the Anchor Bar. Nate and I also had dinner in NYC with Paul Wessel '83 and Marc Rockford '82. Rock recently moved to the Philly area, where he is a lawyer for Comcast."

"Finally, Nate and I went to a Yankees game and sat in his father-in-law's awesome seats behind the third base dugout. Nate correctly picked Funny Cide to win the Kentucky Derby a week before the race. Part of his duties as NY State's agriculture commissioner is overseeing the breeding industry, of which Funny Cide is a part."

Hatches & Matches

New Arrivals
to Matt Kaufer '96 May 2002
Eric Wood '95 April 2002
Evan Cagner '95 22Dec02
Jeffrey Rosenberg '96 5Oct03
As an update for BTD, my wife Coleen and I just hatched our first child, Grace Harris Rosenberg on October 5th. The irony of a hoser like me having a baby girl is not lost on me. My real brother, who is also a Cornell Pike Class of '88, Steve and his wife are to be the godparents. One cool part of the story is that my wife and I found out we were expecting during a trip to Cornell. Sunday morning, after two nights of Cornell hockey, she took a pregnancy test and we looked at it in our room at the Statler overlooking the campus. If I didn't love Cornell enough before that moment.

Michael Buxbaum '95 & Valerie Weiner 11/15/03

Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

James S. Cowan '59

Kurt A. Dodd '79
Beloved brother Kurt Dodd died Thursday, October 2, 2003, following a long and painful bout with multiple sclerosis. His memorial service was held at the Library of Congress in Washington DC, on October 9, where he was remembered by hundreds of friends and family. Kurt is survived by his parents and a brother, as well as scores of saddened fraternity brothers.

John G. Tammen '39
March 5, 2003


term Alpha Theta Director
2004 Tim Cole, President
2005 Marco Boyce
2006 Ken Hull, Vice President
2007 Rick Eno, Alumni Relations
2008 Steve Amador, Treasurer
Spring '04 Undergraduate Exec Board
President Andrew Stumacher '05
Vice President Bryan Gelman '06
Treasurer Adam Feintisch '06
Secretary Brandon Gershowitz '05

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