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Pi Kappa Alpha Crest
Spring 2004 Volume 52 Number 2
20 Aug 04

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University



Alpha Theta Fraternity, Inc. will have two vacancies on the board of directors this fall. Tim Cole, whose term expires this year, has announced that he will not seek reelection. In addition, Ken Hull, whose term expires in 2006, has indicated that he will be stepping down at this year's annual meeting.

Each director serves for a term of five years. There are five directors on the board who are elected by the members of the corporation at the annual meeting in Ithaca during Homecoming weekend. The directors subsequently appoint officers to run the day to day affairs of the corporation. Tim and Ken currently serve as president and vice-president, respectively. Other officers include Steven Amador (treasurer) and Rick Eno (alumni relations coordinator). Marco Boyce, the fifth director, serves at-large. Attorney Dave Miles, who is not a director, serves as secretary. The directors meet once a year in person and also hold periodic conference calls to discuss major issues as needed.

We encourage all of you, particularly recent graduates, to consider attending the annual meeting at Homecoming and running for one of the open director's positions. Your fellow brothers need you!


The Board of Directors of Alpha Theta Fraternity, Inc.

SMC Report

Andrew Stumacher '05

And another semester goes by as Pi Kappa Alpha continues its rise back to excellence. We have successfully transitioned the executive power in the house to the junior and sophomore members, we have adhered to the Interfraternity Council's rules and policies of hazing and social obligations, and we have initiated seventeen (17) young men to whom we give the future. For these three reasons, I believe my office as President to have been successful.

Although improving alumni relations and community involvement are goals that we consistently want to fulfill, they had to take a back seat this past semester in order that we could change the brotherhood culture - a more daunting task. We completed the compliance program, our last sanction in order to be removed from the Alumni Receivership Board, and brothers have learned more about their offices and the history and ritual of our fraternity. During the new member education program, we had several meetings with the pledges to discuss with them ideas to improve certain aspects of the house and its operations; we also had them make a list of positions they thought they would be interested in pursuing upon their entrance to this fraternity as a brother.

We have finished fifth out of fraternities in GPA for Fall 2003; we have now been in the top 10 for 5 consecutive semesters. We have incurred no infractions of any kind, whether it be the fire department, IFC, or IPD. Our deficit, kindly left to us from years before, has been cut in half through policies developed by the new SMC Brian Rosenberg '06 and ThC Adam Feintisch '06.

The brothers of our house are finally beginning to understand what it takes to be a successful chapter, to win a Smythe, and to be responsible members of this community. They have all of my support and confidence, though they won't need it, because they too have the motivation and heart to move ahead. Early goals for Fall 2004 include at least two open events for brothers and alumni before Homecoming; a possible fall rush program; and five philanthropy/community service events.

I anticipated that getting through this year unscathed would be a difficult task, but, here we are stronger than ever. Leaving my office and my house for good makes me both happy and sad: Happy, because I have faith that we will become the great chapter once again, but sad because of what I'm leaving behind.

Incoming SMC Report

Brian Rosenberg '06

The Beta Theta chapter is on the road to restore its reputation as well as its role as a community leader, model Greek fraternity and academic scholars. This year we have seen a reorganization and restructuring of the internal components of how this house is run.

The newly created Judicial Board will be a huge addition to our chapter's goal of self-governance. Using a model from the Pike International Judicial Handbook, our MC, Bryan Gelman '06, along with myself and other brothers are working hard to form a board that will handle matters of concern in an appropriate and fair way.

An important issue that has been a constant source of discussion is our financial situation. We have, over the past year, successfully reduced our debt by half and hope that in the next year we can eliminate our deficit altogether. We have already had discussions about fundraising events and restructuring of the budget for next semester.

With 53 returning brothers, 3 diverse pledge classes and a vast number of leaders, we are on track to do great things in the next year. Alumni relations, philanthropy and recruitment have been major topics over the past few weeks as the past and present executive boards have been brainstorming new ideas for community service, improving communications with alumni and ways of recruiting new members. I would like to open the forum to all the alumni. We are looking for ideas for a big Philanthropy Day for Fall 2004. Please feel free to e-mail me with any recommendations and/or comments. I would love to hear about ideas from the past that have worked but were lost over the years. We realize that communication is a key to bringing this fraternity back to the top and in contention for a Smythe.

New Member Program

Scott Seiler '04, New Member Educator

The New Member Education Program was a tremendous success this past semester. We were able to expand on the newly reformed program, while maintaining all the traditions and ritual that make Pi Kappa Alpha the house that it is. Furthermore, this year's class of new members was able to form a cohesive unit; working together on both community service and house restoration projects. I am very proud of this years new class, and I have full confidence that they will uphold Pi Kappa Alpha's reputation in the years to come.

We were able to run an 8 week program that adhered to the guidelines of Cornell's University Code of Ethics. All 17 new members that signed their bids went through the process of learning about the house and the brothers in it. They gained a great respect for each of the positions both on and off executive board that help keep Pi Kappa Alpha running smoothly. In fact, we had many new members running for these positions for next semester, each of them expressing a genuine interest in maintaining Pi Kappa Alpha's tradition.

Although we have run into trouble in years past, it is quite clear that those days are behind us. Both active and non-active brothers should be proud of what the Beta Theta Chapter has become. In addition, I would like to thank the brotherhood for both their participation and support throughout the entire process. I truly believe that this brotherhood is stronger today than it was when I first was introduced to the Beta Theta Chapter four years ago. This year's program was one that our national fraternity can respect and support, as we have ensured the future success of our chapter.

Pike Wine Tour

Eric Ziff '06

Spring is in the air at Cornell and with this lovely season comes many sources of excitement for us Pikes. The girls start looking attractive (even when we're sober), the campus is alive, and most importantly, the weather is fantastic. The climate change sets the tone for numerous outdoor activities, yet none is more beloved by the Beta Theta chapter than a nice wine tour.

On the first of May, an absolutely perfect day weather-wise, the brotherhood accompanied by dates headed out on school buses to the Chateau Lafayette Reneau winery. As we loaded up on bottles of wine, we were informed by the staff at the winery that no bottles could be opened on the premises, putting a damper on our plans to get wasted as quickly as possible. With little other option, we got back on the buses, bottles in hand, and started looking for somewhere else to imbibe. Eventually, we arrived at a purported winery (it appeared to be simply someone's home) and proceeded to get toasted. The day was a great time with tons of memories. It was fantastic to see alumnus Dave Pantirer, Danny Lachs, Zach Resnick and Ed Marcus in the form that we have missed all this year. There was also plenty of "Here to Brother...." which is always plenty of fun. The day ended with technicolor-decorated buses, courtesy of some of our dates and even a few of the lightweight brothers. All in all, this Pike wine tour was a success, leaving us salivating for the next one.

International Work Day - A Project Under Construction

Brian Rosenberg '06, House Manager

This year's Pike International Work Day was an idea in progress for the Beta Theta Chapter. Upon attending the CPC in Memphis this winter, I signed us up for work day with high goals and aspirations. The proposed work day a small test event where we completed a few projects and had a barbeque in the back lot. Due to some bad Ithaca weather, the mood wasn't quite there and we didn't exceed our goals. We are now looking towards next year to use International Work Day to its potential.

We plan on having a large alumni and undergraduate work day experience. Planning and organization is already underway as we are trying to budget for improvements and renovations to the house. There will be a huge barbeque prepared by our chef and we will invite all alumni in the area to attend and help us improve the physical beauty of our house.

Chapter Advisor's Desk

Mike Hayes, Theta Omicron '82

I am happy to provide an update from the Advisor's perspective on some of the happenings at Beta Theta.

First and most importantly, I am happy to report that the Chapter will be able to petition the International Fraternity for removal from Alumni Receivership early this summer. The Chapter has utilized these past two years to examine and evaluate its strengths and opportunities. The New Member program has been completely overhauled and is serving Beta Theta well. We have been successful in recruiting outstanding new members and new leaders to the chapter. Relationships with Alpha Theta have improved. Overall, things are moving in a positive direction.

At a recent Chapter retreat, we also discussed the areas that need improvement. Topping the list is the relationship between the Chapter and its alumni followed closely by community service and philanthropy. Finally, establishing and implementing an internal judicial board for the chapter will assist in taking the necessary steps in ensuring that all brothers understand his commitment to the chapter and to the international fraternity.

It has been a pleasure to work with Andrew Stumacher and his Executive Board this past year. I look forward to working with Brian Rosenberg and the new leadership team as they tackle the above mentioned issues and continue to move Beta Theta further toward winning a Smythe.

Athletics Report

Scott Abramowitz '06, Athletic Chair

Pi Kappa Alpha enjoyed tremendous athletic success this past year, ranking among the leading houses on campus in all athletic contests we entered. We advanced into the playoffs in all sports that we participated in, including volleyball and soccer. We had undefeated regular seasons in ice hockey and basketball before being upset in the playoffs. In addition, we are currently undefeated in softball and recently made a strong showing in the individual tennis tournament. As our house continues to prosper, we look forward to attracting more of Cornell's finest athletes and hopefully winning the All Sports Trophy for Cornell Intramurals in the very near future.


June 10-13, 2004 Reunion Weekend Future Reunion dates
October 16, 2004 Homecoming vs. Colgate Future Homecoming dates
November 1, 2004 Fall 2004 Beta Theta DATA deadline
May 1, 2005 Spring 2005 Beta Theta DATA deadline
June 9-12, 2005 Reunion Weekend Future Reunion dates
October 15, 2005 Homecoming Future Homecoming dates
October 14, 2006 Homecoming Future Homecoming dates
October 13, 2007 Homecoming Future Homecoming dates

Reunion 2004

Welcome to Reunion Weekend 2004!

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha invite all returning alumni and their guests to a Wine and Cheese Party reception at the Pike House, 17 South Avenue, on Saturday, June 12th, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Your hosts will be David Miles '66 and Ken Hull '64 .

The Reunion Weekend at Cornell is June 10th through the 13th. We hope to see you then.

Homecoming 2004

Dear Brothers,

On behalf of all the active brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha, we would like to cordially invite you to join us at Cornell for our own celebration of Homecoming Weekend 2004!

Homecoming Weekend begins with a wine and cheese reception Friday evening at the house. Early Saturday morning, we will have our annual Alpha Theta housing corporation meeting where we will be discussing issues regarding the chapter and alumni. This will be followed by a pre-game BBQ and the Cornell-Colgate football game tailgate. We will gather outside the football stadium and eventually make our way into the game. Saturday evening is our Homecoming formal. There will be a catered dinner and live music. Finally, to conclude the weekend, we will host a farewell brunch on Sunday morning.

Your presence at Homecoming will allow us to show you the growing strength of our chapter. Not only will this year's events serve as a great way to rejuvenate old friendships, but they will also give us a chance to make new ones. The doors of 17 South Avenue are always open to you, and your presence will ensure this year's event will have the enthusiasm that has made past Homecomings so great.

Although last year's homecoming attendance was tremendous, we are hoping for an even stronger alumni response this year. The life and brotherhood of our house is based upon the overwhelming involvement of both active brothers and our alumni. A great turnout this year will only reinforce this as we celebrate Phi Phi Kappa Alpha!


Brian Rosenberg '06

Friday, October 15th
9pmWine & CheesePike House
Saturday, October 16th
8:30amBagels, coffee & juicePike House
9amAlpha Theta / Pike MeetingsPike House
11amAlumni BBQPike House
1pmCornell vs. ColgateSchoellkopf Field
8pmHomecoming FormalPike House
Sunday, October 17th
11amFarewell BrunchPike House

If you have questions or would like to place your reservations in advance , please use the linked form to RSVP , or e-mail Brian

Go to List of Hotel Accommodations

Alumni Notes

Go to - Updated Alumni Notes -

David Kapson '00 recently left New York City to move to the Washington DC area where he joined a boutique consulting firm called Idea Integration. For Idea, David is currently managing the requirements for the largest data warehouse project ever attempted (the Federal Government's human resources database).

"In my spare time, I've found running to be my new hobby and after completing the Anchorage, AK marathon last summer, I'm addicted. Right now I'm toying with the notion of running Chicago, NYC, and Orlando within the next year."

Lowell Taub and Rebecca Taub (both '96) have bought a house and moved to West Orange, NJ. The house was welcomed with son Jakob Aaron Taub, future Pike; mom and son are healthy at home.

The March house warming party included Pikes Nate Schreiber, Hank Freeman, Matt Kaufer, Eric Wood, Jason Cavaliere, Dean Katsaros, Will Rukin, and Michael Wirtheim.

Al Becker '67 says that his new law firm (Litchfield Cavo) has just celebrated its fifth anniversary, having grown from 13 to 50 attorneys.

"2004 will be a big year for graduations for us. Son Michael (Amherst '99) will graduate from Yale Law School; daughter Marie will graduate from Swarthmore."

2003 brought many wonderful events for Neil Cantor '94 . "I got engaged to Shari Wechsler after dating for 3½ years. Shari described the actual proposal as 'extreme torture'; I'd say perverse fun. No date set other than sometime next year. Also, in June, I graduated with an MBA from MIT (following in the footsteps of big brother Darren Masara '93), and helped found a company spun out of MIT."

Rich Sasson '76 writes "After 3 years in England, must return to the heat of Texas. Had good visits with Chuck Swensen, Kurt Schau, Justus vonLengerke, and Chris Klyne."

Bill Robinett '69 moved to Casper, Wyoming last January.

"Too much wind! Hope to return to the Midwest soon. Often hear from Dick Carrington '69 via email. Best to all in Ithaca."

Chip Baines' '78 daughter Emily is a freshman in the school of Arts & Sciences at Cornell -- with strict orders to stay away from 17 South Avenue!! She's having a good first term, including being the coxswain on the men's lightweight crew team.

"Looking forward to visiting with Captain Klyne '78 at Cornell."

Elizabeth Gall, daughter of Julius Gall '68, is now a freshman at Cornell, Class of 2007. Her interest is art history, and she plays in the Marching Band and Hockey Pep Band.

Ken Parsons '89 spent most of his time this past summer overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Rick Lipsey '89 is now a father of two - Claudia Jill, born January 2002, and Richard III, born October 2003. He is living in New York City still a golf writer at Sports Illustrated. He was on sabbatical from SI for three months in the fall of 2002, and worked in Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom, as the first golf pro the country had ever had.

"In 2004, I'm leading a tour to Bhutan that'll include some golf and a very 'inside' look at the Kingdom. Check out ."

Hatches & Matches

New Arrivals
Lowell Taub '96 4Apr04                                                        
Lowell and his wife Rebecca, also a Cornell '96 alum, had their first son, Jakob Aaron Taub. Baby and mommy are very healthy and happy. Jake looks forward to his first visit to 17 South Ave.

Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

Frank H. Dugan '30

Thomas Hungerford '49
July 28, 2003
Tom died after a courageous battle with cancer.
- wife Mary M. Hungerford

Clayton Larson '30

William H. Scott '39


term Alpha Theta Director
2004 Tim Cole, President
2005 Marco Boyce
2006 Ken Hull, Vice President
2007 Rick Eno, Alumni Relations
2008 Steve Amador, Treasurer
Fall '04 Undergraduate Exec Board
President Brian Rosenberg '06
Internal VP Derek Kaye
External VP Scott Abramowitz
Treasurer Adam Feintisch
Secretary Derek Giddon

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