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Fall 2005 Volume 54 Number 1

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University
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SMC Report

David Frumberg '07, SMC 

With my term as SMC half-way through, my major goals are already accomplished. Since last semester, the undergraduates at 17 South Avenue have been able to develop a functional judicial board and foster some legitimate bonds with alumni. With those positives in place, continued excellence for the remainder of the year will allow us to bring home a Smythe this summer.

Further on in this newsletter you will find a report by our Alumni Relations Chairperson, Evan Fried '08. Evan is teaming up with several alumni to revamp some areas of the house and establish a job networking website. In addition, Alpha Theta Treasurer Steve Amador '84 continues to correspond with me from his new house in Florida, as we work together to improve both the physical house and the spirit of its brotherhood. I would also like to personally thank those of you who attended Homecoming this fall; it is always nice to share stories of "the way things used to be" and "the way things are" and realize that not much has changed!

I would like to offer my congratulations to House Steward and vigorous IFC-representative Jeffrey Douglas '08 for being inducted into the Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. Jeff will be seeking election to the IFC executive board this November. Additional congratulations go to our Faculty Advisor, Professor Brad Anton , for recently winning a Faculty Appreciation Award from the Greek community in honor of his excellent, versatile, and unrelenting service to the undergrads over the past year.

Pike continues to have a knack for being selective in rush and fervent in the growth our new members into leaders, and our most recent class of initiates showcase this propensity. In addition to Evan and Jeff, House Manager Dan Hoffman '08 has been spearheading efforts to cut down house costs by unearthing bargains that would not only restore our run-down speaker system, but also supply the house with hardy speaker equipment. This would eliminate the price of rentals for our parties and rush events, which are very much more than seldom. Speaking of rush, this year we have set our minimum goal to 30 bids so as to obtain a pledge class of at least 25, and rush chairmen Jordan Bettman '06 and Blaine Hirsch '07 are doing an brilliant job acquiring the new brood. Pike Work Day

This spring we will host several events, including a Tennis Tournament to benefit the victims of recent natural disasters. Additionally, we are looking for a tremendous showing for Reunion Weekend in June 8-11, 2006. We are going to merge the reunion festivities with Pike International Work Day and together restore some parts of the house.

If you have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at the address above. See you in June!

Homecoming 2005

Evan Fried '08 , Alumni Relations Chair
Spencer Pepper '08, Homecoming Chair

This year's Homecoming Weekend was a great success. Over twenty graduates from the past decade, as well as another ten or so from previous years, were welcomed by the active brothers throughout the course of the weekend. Friday evening, the live-ins played host to a wine and cheese party, where they were able to showcase the improvements that the house had undergone in the past year. Charles Swensen '76 and Chris Klyne '78 and his wife Jill '78 toured the house, and even went up into Charles' old room, the nest. Saturday morning included the annual Alpha Theta meeting and the barbeque that followed. After that, some of the alumni, particularly Ed Catto '85, Dave Miles '66, Steve Amador '84, and Ken Hull '64 stuck around to admire the old composites, pictures, and archives that were being displayed in the library. They got to know the live-ins well, discussing some of the projects that could be undergone between actives brothers and alumni. Logan Cheek '60 stopped by with his son later in the day, as did J.P. Dimauro '00 to discuss old pledging stories. Arthur Maurello '71 joined the brothers for dinner on Wednesday of the following week, his first reunion with the house since 1979.

Notably, we spoke in depth with Ed Catto about involving his graduating class in an effort to renovate the library, to relive the endless nights of poker and bridge with the Gibber. Another project that was mentioned was a possible "job-link" network to set up active brothers with job and internship opportunities with alumni. We urge you to contact the Alumni Relations Chair or SMC with any ideas you might have in how you too could involve yourself or your pledge class with improving the house.

The weekend was capped off by the Homecoming formal Saturday night, where Ed Catto raised his glass (and later an entire bottle of Jack) in a classic toast, thanking all the actives for their hospitality. Overall, the weekend seemed to be a testament to the house's improving alumni relations and willingness to improve the house in a joint effort. For those of you who did not stop by Homecoming Weekend, we remind you that you are welcome at 17 South anytime for the weekend, dinner, or just to stop by.

Homecoming 2005 - One Alumni's Musings

Ed Catto, Beta Theta '82, Cornell '85 

Since we had such a strong showing, and frenetically phenomenal experience, during our recent 20th Reunion, it is not a surprise that the Class of 1985 was represented by one lone member - me - at Homecoming '05. The surprise was what a great time the active brothers showed us!

Having missed Friday's Happy Hour, at the Alpha Theta Saturday meeting I was met by several of the alumni faithful, including Dave Miles, Ken Hull, Steve Amador and Chris Klein. The Alpha Theta meeting was productive and encouraging for both alumni and actives. Our tailgating was held in the front lawn and conspicuously absent one fire truck, but an encouraging prelude to Big Red football nonetheless.

Cornell whomped Georgetown with a thrashing that had no precedent in recent memory. The best parts of the game were the unexpected meetings with Mike Riley '87, including his wonderful family, and with Kevin Williams '82 who graciously arranged for the rains to stop during game time.

After a pre-party at the Chapter House, Kathe (my fiancée - who many will remember had enjoyed her share of Pike Formals in the mid-80's) and I were warmly welcomed by the brotherhood during the formal dinner. The actives were kind and gracious to us, pretending to be interested in my long-winded "Glory Day" stories. I think I did gain a little bit of respect with my contribution to the "Here's to the Class of 1917" toasts (which will ever be the same without the Gibber Yell). Once I began to teach them Wales Tails, I know that they had potential.

The nostalgic fun mixed with the here-and-now hope for a bright Pike future combined, at least for one old alumnus, to make an incredible Homecoming that can never be repeated. Until next year.

Ed (Chow) Catto '85 currently lives and works in the Metro NY area with his 3 girls, Fiancée, stepson-to-be and entirely too many comic books.

Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Fundraising Project

Be sure to be on the lookout for news about our upcoming Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Fundraising project. This December, active and alumni Beta Theta Pikes will join together in a unique endeavor designed to improve the house today as well as pay homage to Pikes of the past.

This project will raise funds and coordinate the rejuvenation of the library at 17 South Avenue.

Sparked by the impressive job the actives did of showcasing photographs and historical exhibits at Homecoming '05, the goal is to repair/replace the cherry woodwork, light fixtures, composites, pictures, bookshelves, trophy cases and curtains. This project will also purchase and reintroduce a card table into the library.

As a tribute to one of the greatest Beta Theta brothers, the library will be officially rechristened the Hugh. S. Gibbs Memorial Library, as an ongoing honor reflecting Gibber's immeasurable contributions. Furthermore, it nods to the past by showcasing house history while simultaneously looking to the future by providing a place to bond and deepen friendships.

The official "Grand Unveiling" is scheduled for June 8-11 during Cornell's 2006 Reunion.

Evan Fried, the Beta Theta Alumni Chairman reports, "The actives are very excited for this project, and can't wait to get it going". As many alumni noted at Homecoming, the current attitude at the house is very encouraging and enthusiastic.

One alumni visitor looking to "show off' his college days to his children, Ed (Chow) Catto '85, notes that the Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library has potential to become a destination point for visiting alumni to bring their families.

Look for more details to follow.

Questions or comments - please contact Ed Catto  or Evan Fried .

Alumni Notes

Jim Lang '89 just saw Todd Edwards '89 at their 20-year high school reunion. Todd seemed to be doing great.

Jim & wife Cheri now have 3 boys. James 5 just started kindergarten. Christopher is 2 and doing terrific. Matthew is now 7 months. They now live in the Milwaukee area, Sussex, WI. Jim has worked for Morris Material Handling since 1989 and enjoys his position as General Manager of National Accounts, Training and Service. Morris manufactures and services overhead cranes for material handling applications.

John Sedlak '66 is retired, and now repairing violins and other string instruments as a hobby -- among others.

Neil Cantor '94 married Sheri Wechsler in October 2004. Brothers in attendance included big bro Darren Massara '93, Tony Prentice '94, Rob Claypoole '94, and Greg Gordon '94.

Neil is co-CEO of Design That Matters , which he helped found while pursuing his MBA at MIT's Sloan School of Management.

John Stubbings '66 celebrated the birth of his first grandchild, Sarah Camrym Moses, born September 17, 2004. "About six weeks early -- just like her mom and uncle." He also celebrated her uncle's wedding May 28, 2005.

"Starting a new business, Clown Alley Orchids. A little different than chemical engineering as taught at Cornell. Spent fifteen months in India consulting and learning about cultural differences. Came back to learn that our daughter was expecting, and she wanted us to move to Texas. So we did, and have come to adjust again to heat and humidity."

Don Ogren '52 and Lynn have moved to Medford OR, and will soon be living in the Rogue Valley Manor , a continuing care facility, thus joining the Western Group of the 1950's brothers, Charles Juran '53 (Prescott AZ) & Bernie Rosner '54 (San Ramon CA).

Bill Franklin '45 and Shirl winter in Bradenton FL from mid-October to mid-May, and return to Cicero NY for the summer. They welcome any news from Class of '42 to '48.

"At my age, health has become a major focus, interest, and passion", writes Dana Lawrence '61 . "Thank God I'm healthy as a horse, and active as a volunteer packing food for a Food Bank in San Antonio and visiting with inmates at the county jail -- sharing my faith and the Gospel message of Jesus."

"Now a plug for my business: our bodies are designed to be fed fruits and vegetables, and my company markets a capsule (or chewable tablet) that contains the nutritional value of 17 fruits and vegetables. Overwhelming science and research shows Juice Plus+ is working even if we don't feel it! The evidence is in the blood. Four capsules a day give you 5 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables. To grow healthy cells we need to feed them good food. Check out www.danalawrence.com and see for yourself."

Hatches & Matches

New Arrivals
Alexa Rose Buxbaum to Michael Buxbaum '95 & Valerie Weiner April 23, 2005

Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

Elmer King II '53
December 20, 1999

Thomas James Paradiso '82 
October 17, 2005
Jim died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident Friday October 14th in Springfield, Virginia, on his way to work. Jim was enthusiastic, cheerful, helpful, and charismatic. He was a hard worker and a hard partier, and those of us who knew him in our youths were made better by the experience. We will miss him terribly. Phi phi kappa alpha, Ratsie.

George B. Rittenhouse '49
March 1, 2005


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