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Fall 2006 Volume 55 Number 1

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Homecoming '06 Recap

Ed (Chow) Catto '85 

I've almost recovered from the wild time we all had at Homecoming '06. This was the second Homecoming in a row I've attended, and they just keep on getting better. This weekend had it all - great friendships renewed, nostalgic fun, family time, the gorgeous Gibber Library renovation, and pretty girls…. all of whom are about the same age as your daughters.

  • The Actives
  • The Active Brotherhood again worked hard to make the returning alumni feel welcome. They were gracious and patiently listened to my repeated stories of the "good old days". Some even managed to stay awake! The Actives hosted a Friday wine & cheese, an expansive Saturday morning Alpha Theta Breakfast and, of course, a spirited formal dinner dance. "Here's to the class of 1917!"

    Current SMC Jeff Douglas and Homecoming Chairman Rel Rom '09 did an exemplary job of "rolling out the red carpet". Active brother Jeff Cohan '08 even organized a sports memorabilia auction in order to raise funds for breast cancer, soliciting items from MLB, NFL and the NHL. Truly, these guys inspired a sense of hope as the fraternity prepares for the challenges ahead.

  • The Alumni
  • It doesn't get any better than reconnecting with old friends! On hand were great guys like Dave Twyman, Tom Sporney, Steve Crump, Dave Miles, Matt Brush, Ken Hull, Mike Mathewson, Steve Amador, and Mike Riley, just to name a few. (The brothers who ran our Summer Reunion Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Preview Party, Ed Conti, Elliot Dee, Mike Greenberg - couldn't make it up again for Homecoming).
    Alumni Atendees
    Fred Ehrlich '58
    Duane Heineman '58
    Ken Hull '64
    Dave Miles '66
    Tom Sporney '75
    Ralph Olivier '76
    Steve Crump '82
    Dave Twyman '83
    Steve Amador '84
    Ed Catto '85
    Mike Riley '87
    Mike Mathewson '88
    Matt Brush '06
    Brian Rosenberg '06
    And we re-experienced the whole college life in 36 hours, everything from climbing Cornell Hills, football and late night singing to nursing ourselves back to health the "morning after". Why does it seem to take so much longer these days?

  • The Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library
  • Each Pike, and their families, were absolutely thrilled with the incredible progress on the Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library. Project Co-Chairman Evan Fried has led the efforts, including the refurbishing of all the original woodwork, the showcases and trophies, the collection of Cornelliana and collectible Pike books, the curtains, cushions, mirrors and light fixtures. More importantly, through these efforts, Evan has "raised the bar" - showing the brotherhood just how incredible the house can be with care and effort.

    As we move ahead, we're expecting big things from both Actives and Alumni. We have ambitious plans for our continuing upgrading of the house, and will be supporting, in a major way, your Alumni visits in the summer at Reunion and next fall's Homecoming. We'll all share some outstanding times!

    In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me anytime at edcatto@hotmail.com  or via the Pike Hotline at 201.314.4558.

    SMC Report

    Jeffrey Douglas '08 

    The 53 undergraduate brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha experienced another successful semester. We have worked diligently to make improvements to the fraternity in several crucial areas that have enhanced our image on campus.

    Over homecoming weekend, the active brothers under the leadership of External Vice-President Jeffrey Cohan '08 sponsored a philanthropy sports auction to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Through this event we raised over $1,000 to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Homecoming Weekend was a great success! Homecoming Chairman Ari Rom '09 and Alumni Relations Chairman Evan Fried '08 worked diligently to make the many alumni who returned feel at home. The active brothers and alumni present developed some excellent ideas to improve the physical structure of the fraternity house as well as new ideas to continue improving the relationship between the actives and alumni. The undergraduate brothers appreciate the hard work of Alpha Theta President Ed "Chow" Catto '85 and Alpha Theta Treasure Steve Amador '84 for their dedication to improving the Beta Theta Chapter.

    After thoroughly analyzing spending from the past few years, Treasurer Matthew Friedman '09 created a comprehensive budget that has allowed the fraternity to significantly reduce wasteful spending. His hard work has allowed the Beta Theta Chapter to make physical improvements to the house as well as create a surplus that will allow the chapter to have more financial flexibility. The effects of his hard work will significantly benefit the fraternity for many years to come.

    As usual the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha have continued to take an active role on campus. Sergeant-at-Arms Mitchell Reiman '07 was invited to join the Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. IFC Representative Harley Seligman '09 has taken an active role in Greek related councils through the Inter-fraternity Council and the Tri-Councils.

    The undergraduates have high expectations for next semester. We plan on sponsoring an educational speaker on campus to give back to the Cornell Community. Additionally, we are in the process of developing a long-term philanthropy program with the help of our chapter advisor Professor Brad Anton, who has provided excellent guidance to the executive board and chapter.

    After a successful reunion weekend last spring, we look forward to seeing many alumni at the house for reunion weekend. We will be hosting a wine and cheese party for all returning alumni on Friday, June 8, 2007.

    If you have any suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact me. The undergraduate brothers look forward to continuing to work with the alumni to improve the Beta Theta Chapter.

    PIKE, the Bounty Hunter

    Captains & proxies, you can help.

    Some great alums have already volunteered to serve as Class Captains - searching out bros from their Pike years and dragging them back to Cornell. We're still looking for more.

    The job description is what you already do: keep in touch with members of your pledge class. Give them a call, find out about the wife, kids, job, parole officer. Ask them to update Alpha Theta on their lives. Get them back for Homecoming 2007.

    Check off the 'Class Captain' interest on your tearoff return slip when you pay your Alpha Theta dues.

    … and if you're not able to attend Homecoming , to provide a more complete representation of Alpha Theta voting interest, we have a proxy designation for each brother. We are asking that you designate your proxy for future voting issues in this format:

    ¤ Alpha Theta President
    ¤ Alpha Theta Vice President
    ¤ Alpha Theta Treasurer
    ¤ Alpha Theta Secretary
    ¤ Other ________________
    The 'Other' designation may be a specific brother's name, or an official position. Please remember that, to have your proxy be effective, it must be a dues-paying brother, by §III.5 of the by-laws. This proxy information will be incorporated into alumni records, and remain in effect for eleven (11) months from the date of its execution in accordance with §III.6.

    You may indicate your proxy by updating your contact information online , or with the update tearoff voucher when you pay your Alpha Theta dues.

    Alumni Notes

    Mike Howell '65  writes, "While I was an active, I dated Janet Weber, some of your 'older' alums may recall. After 37 years away from Cornell, Janet & I reunited and are married. We moved to Nashville to be with family."

    "So much to write, so little time.  Most importantly, my wife Coleen and I are proud to announce the birth of our two new potential members of the the Pledge Class of 2024.  In July our twin sons, Grant and Bradley were born.  With my three year old daughter Grace, the ZuLu tribe is complete.  Additionally my real brother and fellow Beta Theta Pike Steve '88 recently got his Executive MBA from University of Southern California.  I recently returned to First Data as Senior Counsel in their Prepaid Services division while Steve just joined Pacific Sunwear as a senior executive in their IT department."

    "This past summer I also got together with Chuck Weinberg '82 for a little Cubbies baseball in Chicago as well as seeing Tim Cole '83 and Bill Page '85 in Atlanta.  For those of you who missed Reunion Weekend, not only is the the library looking great but you missed a rousing good time.  Ed Conti '84, Eliot Dee, Bill Page, Mike Greenberg, Bill Page, Ed Catto (all '85), Jeff Lowe, Any Glasner, Mark Rubensein ('86), Mike Riley '87 were there and I am certain that there are others I have forgotten due to Chapter House induced memory lapses. The weekend culminated when those of still standing at the end of the tent parties Saturday nite got up on stage and using the the band's PA system led the entire tent and some of the a cappella groups in singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in all its glory. And there was much rejoicing . . ."

    Call or stop by if you are in Atlanta.

    ZuLu '86 
    Jeff Rosenberg

    C.B.Smith '79  celebrated the second anniversary of his new business, Design Works Architecture, PC, in September 2006. They are 6 people designing residences around the East Coast.

    "Cheers to West Coast transplant, Hallerville, whose Oakland A's finally beat my Minnesota Twins in post-season play."

    Wife Janice and C.B. have two sons, Kendall, 17, and Trevor, 13.

    Martel family at Xmas Alfredo Martel '87  sends greetings from Louisville KY, Home of KFC! "I am unfortunately not going to be able to attend Homecoming this year. I'll definitely start planning for next year. My girls will be a little older and easier to deal with on this type of a trip."

    The First Annual Fourth of July or Closest Saturday to the Fourth or Whichever Comes to Mind First Pee Wee Beer Boat Race  brought out many of the usual suspects to Stag Lake on July 1st .

    As expected, the first boat to the shore was disqualified by the judge who chose his own interpretation of the rules, so the second-place finisher received the "Lager Cup". Many of the alumni entrants saw this as an opportunity to recycle their underwear under the guise of a sail.

    Doug Wright '81  posts that all is well in Arizona. "2 kids 16 and 13 now, wow I am an old fart too, 50 ugh. I am in the 9th year of living on my 50 ft houseboat, Lake Pleasant AZ, N of PHX. I guess I never got off the pond!"

    Many people might remember the old traditional Alumni-Brother Hockey game that was played on Homecoming weekends past. Chris Felden '79  and the alumni have challenged the Pike Hockey team to a game on a future Homecoming weekend. Chris reports, "Though some of us are getting up in age now, I believe that there are many, like me, who would still welcome the opportunity to teach you youngsters a lesson on the ice."


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