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Spring 2006 Volume 54 Number 2

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University
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SMC Report

Jeff Douglas '08, SMC 

The Beta Theta Chapter experienced an extremely successful 2005-2006 academic year. Under the leadership of outgoing SMC David Frumberg '07, Pi Kappa Alpha remained one of the top fraternities on the Cornell Campus. The past few years have seen a dramatic improvement of the fraternity. The undergraduate brothers hope to continue this trend over the course of the upcoming school year.

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha have continued to take an active role in campus groups especially participating in Greek-related organizations. Outgoing SMC, David Frumberg was recently elected as the president of Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. Alumni Relations Chairman and incoming Rush Chair, Evan Fried '08 was selected to join Order of Omega Greek Honor Society this past spring. Outgoing Treasurer, Nick McGuire '07 was selected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Student Management Corporation.

In the upcoming year, the undergraduate brothers hope to accomplish several goals. This past year, the fraternity's finances were significantly improved. Although we are no longer in debt, we still hope to make financial changes. In the upcoming year, we plan to greatly reduce wasteful spending. To achieve this, incoming treasurer Daniel Hoffman '08 will examine all past spending to find ways to further improve our finances.

Additionally, we have reorganized the Internal and External Committees and created a new committee under the leadership of the Alumni Relations Chairman.  The positions on the committee include Assistant Alumni Relations, Homecoming Chairman, Historian, Trophy Chairman, Composite Chairman and Parents' Weekend Chairman.  By reorganizing the committees and placing the Alumni Relations Chairman in a leadership role, we believe we can more efficiently continue to develop the undergraduates' interaction with the alumni.  This past year saw the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between the undergraduates and the alumni that promises to be extremely beneficial to improving the fraternity. Alumni Relations Chairman Evan Fried and Ed Catto '85 paved the way for the remodeling of the library.

Over the course of the next academic year, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha hope to bolster our image on campus by holding two significant events during the fall semester. Planning is underway for the two events that we hope will truly impact the Cornell Community. Smythe Trophy The first event will be a guest lecturer on campus sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha. The second event will be a philanthropy flag football event coordinated by our incoming External Vice President Jeffrey Cohan '08. These events will not only contribute greatly to the Cornell Community and charity but will also improve our image on campus.

With these goals in mind and the continued improvement of our chapter, the undergraduates hope to bring home the Robert Adger Smythe Award and a Most Outstanding Chapter Award for the upcoming year.

We also look forward to hearing from alumni and certainly welcome any suggestions.

Outgoing SMC

David Frumberg '07 

As I look back on this past year, the strength and quality of our brotherhood has never been so apparent. This year continued the era of change initiated by past SMC Jeff Mihalakis '03 toward greatness. I am extremely proud of our revisions to our judicial system, improvement of house finances, and the exceptional dedication to social responsibility and liability shown by all brothers. I believe our crowning achievement, however, was the growth of our relationship with the members of Alpha Theta, once again linking together the two major components of our brotherhood. My gratitude is owed to Steve Amador '84 for taking my annoying phone calls and digging us out of trouble to get things back on the right track.

To display the successes the undergraduates saw this year, here are some numbers:

Somewhere in every Beta Theta Data issue, somebody writes about winning a Smythe. I think it's about time we cashed in. We have completed the application and hope that our accomplishments allow us to add another towering trophy to our chapter room mantle. We continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our school, community, national organization, and alumni, just as we always have. I know the future of the Beta Theta chapter is intact, and our values and traditions will prevail.

In closing I would like to wish the graduating seniors good luck in all their future endeavors. It has been a long time since we had such an active group of seniors, and they have truly set the bar for future pledge classes in their unreserved commitment to our brotherhood. I personally look up to their example, and know that they will continue as active alumni for years to come.


Jeff Cohan '08 , Athletic Chair

Pike Athletics saw one of its best years in recent history, with one championship and three other deep play-off runs.

The flag football tournament was extremely tough with over thirty separate fraternities represented, yet our team managed to nudge its way into the playoffs after several early regular season victories. Our season came to an end in the semifinals where we claimed third place in the league.

Intramural Champs! Our hockey team achieved the greatest success this season, bringing home a championship trophy after a long season that spanned over both semesters. During the regular season, our team finished with a decent record in the difficult Men's Open Division of 1-1-1, with the lone loss coming to the eventual Men's League champions. In the playoffs, the team played host to several upsets, beating four higher-ranked teams in a two-week span. Our first two playoff games matched us against perennial powerhouses ATO and Psi Upsilon where we grabbed quick victories against both. The semifinal game was played against our rival neighbor, DU, which ended in a 2-1 win on a last-second goal for 17 South. Perhaps the most thrilling game our house has ever taken part in was the championship game against Chi Psi. Three long periods of hockey ended in a 1-0 championship victory for Pike.

The basketball team also almost ignited into an incredible playoff run to the finals. With our seasoned seniors and juniors, we dominated the regular season and our first playoff game against Sigma Pi. Unfortunately, our basketball dreams were cut short as Pike encountered trouble in the semi-finals. We did however take fourth place home over forty other fraternity basketball teams.

For the first time in Pike history, we fielded a full two softball teams this season due to the unprecedented presence of our NIBs and live-ins. Finding success in the regular season both Pike A and Pike B finished with 3-1 records. Pike B was forced to make an early exit in the playoffs after a tough loss to Sigma Nu. The A team, however, won their first two playoff games in style with one game being won in the final innings over Sig Chi (6-5). Testing their abilities in the quarterfinals was Sig Pi who only in the last inning took a one run lead beating Pike in a close 11-10 match up.

This past year marked Pike as a threat for taking home any intramural sport. In both semesters, on the court, on the ice or on the field our fraternity made their presence known.

New Member Education Report

Jonathan Weinstein '06, New Member Educator

I am proud to report the success of our New Member Education program this semester. Our chapter initiated 22 new brothers, the largest pledge class in the last four years. I believe the members of this year's class are well prepared and will be excellent brothers in our chapter.

While pledging the new members learned about all aspects of being a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha. They learned about the history and traditions of our noble brotherhood. This year's pledge class excelled in leadership activities and a number of them will hold leadership positions during the upcoming semester. The pledge class was also able to participate in community service and made valuable contributions to the Ithaca and Cornell community. The success of this year's pledge program would not have been possible without the cooperation and help of the entire brotherhood. I am confident that the initiation of this year's pledge class will make the Beta Theta chapter strong for years to come.

Chapter Advisor's Desk

Brad Anton , Epsilon '79

By nearly all measures, this has been a banner year for the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha. Pika is finishing the year with 22 new, enthusiastic brothers, a violation-free record with the IFC, a cash surplus of more than $10K on hand, and an alumni-financed project underway to renovate the Library of the house. Next year they will have 22 brothers living in, the most in recent memory. If you haven't come back to visit recently, now is the time to do it. The house is in better shape than it has been for years, and the active brothers have a new attitude about respecting their property, cultivating alumni relations, and honoring the chapter's history. Everything I see looks better than it did in fall 2004, when I volunteered to become the Chapter Advisor.

Why has there been such a dramatic turnaround? I'd like to take some credit, but I don't really deserve any. The key to progress has been effective leadership within the active brotherhood. Brian Rosenberg, President in AY 2004-05, embraced the idea that good alumni relations were crucial to the chapter's prosperity, and he set about trying to improve them. He and his officers put new energy into Homecoming and Reunion planning, and they initiated several projects for maintenance and repairs in the house. Some alumni were impressed enough to donate to a special effort to renovate the Library and decorate it with long-lost memorabilia that was discovered in the attic last year. David Frumberg, President in AY 2005-06, and his officers followed with an energized rush plan and a re-vamped new-member education program, which led to this year's bumper crop of 22 new members, one of the biggest pledge classes on campus. Jeff Douglas, elected President just a couple of weeks ago, has two tough acts to follow, and the brotherhood is anxious for more progress. Having 22 brothers live in the house next year ensures he will have the financial available to take on bigger projects.

Stop by if you're in town for reunion. I look forward to meeting you.

Up & Out

Jesse Drawas '06, Outgoing Secretary

Ken Ehrler: Staff Consultant at Cap Gemini LLC, in the city. "I'm going to be working on site with the client doing technology consulting, planning on going to law school in the near future."
Matt Brush: Brooklyn Law School
Jordan Bettman: Bain and Company in New York City
Adam Feintisch: Medical School
Kevin Morganroth: Investment banking at Morgan Stanley in New York City
Bryan Gelman: Cornell Veterinary School
Eric Ziff: University of Pennsylvania Law School
Scott Abramowitz: Georgetown Law School
Jason Kahn: Fordham Law School
Jesse Drawas: Miami Law School
Ben Allen: unsure
Jeff Garfinkel: Hofstra Law School
Abe Ritter: Accounting
Jon Guskind: Investment banking at BNP Paribas
Michael Schwartz: Interbroker dealer at GFI Group in NYC
Brian Rosenberg: Masters of Engineering at Cornell
Charley Levy: Dental School
Jon Weinstein: Northwestern Journalism School

Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Update

Ed Catto, Beta Theta '82, Cornell '85 
Evan Fried '08 
Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Co-chairmen

Thanks to all for your generous contributions to our Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library project. As you know, we’re focusing on revamping the main floor library area. We’ve got an ambitious agenda: redoing the woodwork, upgrading the mirror, mantle, bookcases & fireplace and reframing pictures - among other tasks. We’ll officially unveil it at Homecoming, and we know you’ll be very impressed.

We’re also planning on resurrecting a great Beta Theta Tradition: our wine and cheese party the Friday night of reunion weekend. Only this year, we’ll make it our “Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Preview Party”, and allow alumni a sneak peek at our efforts.

If you haven’t yet donated but still want to contribute, there’s still time. Just send a check to Tom Sporney (1005 Sharon Drive, Glen Burnie MD 21061) made out to Pi Kappa Alpha with “Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library Project” on the memo line.

Thanks again and we hope to see you 7pm, Friday, June 9th, for the Preview Party! Be sure to see our mention in the Class of '85 notes in this month's Cornell Magazine too!

Homecoming 2006

This year, Beta Theta Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity will be celebrating its 89th anniversary at Cornell University. We will also be unveiling the Hugh Sylvester Gibbs Memorial Library, a project that was only made possible due to your generous donations. We would like to make this year's Homecoming Weekend a very special occasion, and cordially invite you back to Ithaca and 17 South Avenue on October 13th, 2006 to celebrate it with us. The events of the weekend will be courtesy of the active members, though donations are always welcome. In commemorating our anniversary and this special time in our fraternity's history, we hope to see as many of you as possible.

Homecoming Weekend begins with a wine and cheese reception Friday evening at the house. Early Saturday morning, we will have our annual Alpha Theta Fraternity housing corporation meeting where we will be discussing issues regarding the chapter and alumni. This will be followed by a pre-game BBQ and the Cornell-Colgate football game tailgate. We will gather outside the football stadium and make our way into the game. Saturday evening is our Homecoming formal where there will be a catered dinner and live music. A farewell brunch will be held on Sunday. Please RSVP with Rel Rom  if you are able to join us.

Your presence at Homecoming will allow us to demonstrate the growing strength of our chapter, and we hope to encourage you to be part of what we consider to be a new era in Pi Kappa Alpha tradition. Over the past year, many improvements have been made to both the physical house and to the brotherhood. The brothers have taken the time to restore and display many old photos and composites, as well as make other upgrades to the house. (We encourage you to come back just to check out your old hair-dos…) The brotherhood is flourishing as one of the top houses on the Cornell campus, and we have our hopes set on bringing a Robert A. Smythe award back to the Beta Theta chapter. The past few years have been immensely productive years for the active members, and with large, strong pledge classes having been recently initiated, the future of our fraternity is quite promising.

The life and brotherhood of our house are based upon the overwhelming involvement of both active members and alumni. It is our sincere hope that you will decide to visit your Fraternity and experience its growth and living tradition, as we celebrate 89 years of Phi Phi Kappa Alpha.

Jeffrey Douglas '08, SMC
Evan Fried '08, Alumni Relations Chair
Rel Rom '09, Homecoming Chair

Friday, October 13th
9pmWine & CheesePike House
Saturday, October 14th
8:30amBagels, coffee & juicePike House
9amAlpha Theta / Pike MeetingsPike House
11amAlumni BBQPike House
1pmCornell vs. ColgateSchoellkopf Field
8pmHomecoming FormalPike House
Sunday, October 15th
11amFarewell BrunchPike House

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10 Years Online

It's hard to believe that Beta Theta DATA first went online ten years ago, with the spring 1996 issue. We've been revising the format slightly through the years, and have moved the website hosting through four providers.

With our most recent change of ISPs, we've decided to get our own domain name. Now, we're www.betathetadata.net. So bookmark this new Internet address for Beta Theta news!

Again, we'd like to remind all brothers of proxy designation, in order to allow absentee voting privileges. Please remember that, to have your proxy effective, it must be from a dues-paying brother, by §III.5 of the by-laws. This proxy information will be incorporated into alumni records, and remain in effect for eleven (11) months from the date of its execution in accordance with §III.6.

You may indicate your proxy by updating your contact information online , or with the update tearoff voucher when you pay your Alpha Theta dues.

Alumni Notes

Bob Forness '89  continues to commute from Chatham, NJ to Hamilton, Bermuda and London, England. Lindsay (Kappa Delta) '84 holds down the fort with Keri (12) and Brian (9) keeping her busy driving to choir and ice hockey practices.

Chip Baines '78  recently changed jobs, and states, moving to Naperville IL to work for Molex, Inc. 

"The other big news is that my eldest daughter, Katie, is being married in June. It seems hard to believe that Linda and I are of an age to be involved with a child's wedding -- the years go by too quickly."

In September, Don Whitney '68 completed a Triathlon (½ Iron) in Oklahoma City.

Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

William R. Jenkins '70

Stephen J. Perrello '67
March 14, 2006


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