Dik's Ravings

Dik Saalfeld '80
Washington correspondent
Spring 2006

Peter Aufrichtig '80 and his wife Sandy hosted the 12th Annual Last Super Bowl Party in February. They limited attendance to about 90 this year, as it had been getting out of hand. Suck up to him and you can be on the invite list for the 13th Annual Last Super Bowl Party, thereby sending it back into triple digits. Pike attendees included Bob "Prof" Dores '79 and Frank Koh '79, and probably others. If you attend, bring your own rubber pants.

Rodney Hunt '82 made the local papers here in DC when he was part of an ownership group vying to purchase the Washington Nationals Baseball Club. Ownership was awarded to someone else, but not before a bunch of us engaged in a hilarious email exchange about Rodney and his imaginative exploits during his brief time on the Hill. The biographical information in the Washington Post article was interesting; if you're wondering what Rodney's been up to in the past 25 years, give him a Google, if you're technically savvy enough to do it without hurting yourself or causing your nurse to increase your meds.

Tom Berg '80 and Kevin Dean '80 both have daughters at the University of Virginia, which explains why they've been wearing burlap suits of late. Tom, who has two other daughters, never took me up on my offer to lend him a shotgun when his daughters got old enough to date, which leads me to believe that he is either taking strong narcotics, or living in a delusional fantasy world. Kevin Dean solved the whole dating thing by merely introducing himself to his daughter's prospective suitors by shaking their hands, then biting the head off of a live canary.

Nate Rudgers '82 left his post as New York's Commissioner of Agriculture, much to the chagrin of his pal George Pataki. Nate is now in charge of business development for Western NY Farm Credit, which I believe is some type of lend-lease program enabling cattle to borrow alfalfa at low interest rates. Nate is making a run for the longest period of futility at Pike Deer Camp, a rather astonishing fact given that I am a regular attendee. Monti '80, Taz '79, and Paul Weston '79 routinely send Bambi home to Allah, but Nate couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. It is comical to see him lurching about with a loaded gun, though, and we love having him there.

About 20 years ago, when I was in law school, I was on my way to the law section of the bookstore when a book in the general interest section caught my eye. It was about fraternities and the wacky activities thereof; I flipped through it and saw a picture of our Pike house, the roof of which was lined with naked guys. Did anybody see that book, or remember the title? If so, contact me.

Paul Wessel '83 is having a huge shindig at his house the Sunday of Memorial Day, so give him a call and cadge an invitation. Free beer, the works. Bring the old lady and the kids. Paul's quite the big shot now, and I expect it will be the hoppin' place to be in the suburbs of northern New Jersey, unless you count the parking lot of the Dairy Queen on two-fer night. If you're reading this after Memorial Day, be advised that it was a king hell bash, and that we finally found Casey Sayre sleeping naked under the porch.

Doug Wright '78 rides BMX bikes with his kids, in an effort to wreck his knees before he's 50. He's taking a hiatus from the houseboat, but will be in residence on the water again soon. Doug, incidentally, has a small but significant collection of photographs and other memorabilia, so if you're still contemplating that run for the school board seat, you'd better give him a call and negotiate prices.

Gibber came into my room to wake me up one afternoon - this would have been in the 1970s - and he said something I'll never forget. It still brings a tear to my eye, all these many years later. He said "is that your motorcycle on the fire escape?" I sniffed and said "have you been eating tuna?" He said "no, that's the puddle of bong water you're sleeping in." Everything that man said was like a Zen koan.