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Fall 2007 Volume 56 Number 1

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University
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SMC Report

Rel Rom '09, SMC 

The fall '07 semester has been a time of great things for Pike and Beta Theta. Our chapter is stronger then ever, and we are highly regarded as one of the best fraternities on campus. Our finances are sound and we are probably in the best financial condition in recent years. Relations with the university and Office of Fraternity and Sorority affairs have been greatly ameliorated by an adherence to rules of conduct and the presence of the former SMC Jeff Douglas '08 as the IFC Judicial VP. We are kicking ass and taking names in every athletic event we participate, as we are currently the Champions in Basketball, Football and Volleyball. I personally want to thank all those alumni who made the trip to come back to Ithaca for Homecoming Weekend, I hope the house brought back memories of the good old days. I also want to extend a very warm thanks to the members of Alpha Theta, Ed Catto, Steve Amador, Tom Sporney, Dave Miles and all the other hard working men that devote so much time and dedication to our house.

Looking forward to a great next semester...

Homecoming '07 Recap

Ed (Chow) Catto '85 

Beyond the fun, frolic and nostalgia, this year's Homecoming made it very clear the Pikes - both alumni and actives - have taken a big step forward. There is a palpable sense of renewed pride and brotherhood at 17 South Avenue - and beyond.

  • The Actives
  • wine & cheeseContinuing the momentum of the last few years, the actives worked hard to truly create a homecoming for returning alumni. They hosted the Friday Wine and Cheese Party, Coffee Brunches on both Saturday and Sunday mornings (and did we ever need it on Sunday!), a Tailgate and an unforgettable formal dinner. (It's a wonder that the alumni made it to Chapter House as much as they did.) Homecoming Chairman Jeff Tauber and his crew are to be commended for pulling off such well-planned events.

  • The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Lodge
  • The house is looking better than it has in a decade. Returning alumni were greeted with a myriad of improvements including new furniture on the main floor and a totally redone dining room. This has, as you'd expect, lead to an increase in Pikes eating at the house. The Hugh S. Gibbs Memorial Library continues with sparkle like the jewel it has become, and was upgraded with a beautiful new poker table.

    And there's more the actives are doing, all guided and overseen by Alpha Theta Director Steve Amador. Future projects include upgrades to the kitchen & the outside of house, landscaping and bathroom work.

  • The Alumni
  • Thank you, Brother Alumni, for the strong showing! The house was treated to visits by numerous recent grads (see the Alpha Theta VP Report for details) but the showing from later (that means "older") classes was phenomenal. Some highlights include:

  • Alpha Theta
  • We had another thrill-a-minute annual meeting (thank heavens for the coffee!) and in the end elected rising superstar Evan Fried '07 to the board, and re-elected Tim Cole '83 as well.

  • What's Next?
  • With such strong momentum generated, we're already planning events and new initiatives, including:

    Want to get involved? You know we'd love to have you. Just reach out to me at edcatto@hotmail.com .

    Thanks again to ALL you alumni for the support. We're working hard to create some great times ahead.

    Josh Tauber '10 , Homecoming Chair

    Homecoming 2007 was a great success. The most alumni in recent history joined the brotherhood for the weekend.

    Friday night was a rowdy wine and cheese at 17 South Ave, as brothers and alumni enjoyed the poker table, new couches, and other recent additions to the house. On Saturday the brotherhood attended a barbeque tailgate before the football game. Saturday night, the alumni joined us in the chapter room, foyer, and newly refurbished library for a rambunctious formal dinner. Ed Catto (and others) led the old cheers and the current brothers joined in with the words they knew. Following formal, the party moved downstairs where an open bar and a live band went long into the night.

    All in all, the weekend was a great success, and we hope to see even more friendly faces at next year's festivities. The brothers would like to thank Ed Catto, Steve Amador, Tom Sporney, and everyone else for their efforts in putting this weekend together and to everyone young and old who made the trip up to Ithaca this year.

    Mitchell Reiman '07 

    By all accounts of the recent alumni I've polled (no one... I'm really too lazy to call anybody) Homecoming Weekend was a resounding success. I would guess that there were at least 30 people combined from the last 3 pledge classes—TF, OBKYQ, and IACD. This weekend gave all of us the chance to see some faces we hadn't seen in a while. No responsibilities? Old friends? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Friday and Saturday nights a lot of us went to Dino's, which was probably our main watering hole. With as many undergrads as we could smuggle in (none, obviously -- underage drinking is illegal and wrong), the Pike recent alumni proceeded to occupy most of the bar, as well as spend more money on drinks than is conscionable, given that Ithaca is miles from civilization. Jordan Bettman '06 proclaimed the weekend "a knockout". A certain alumni who asked not to be named — we'll call him Matt B... no, too obvious... how about M. Brush — proved that hard drinking does not stop after college. In an unrelated story, if anyone knows a liver donor, please come forward. There was even a Bryan Gelman ('06, Vet School '10) sighting, although I bet he was just passing through after helping inseminate a cow recreationally.

    The nights ran late, some of the stories are unrepeatable, and some of the girls that the recent alumni went home with were, in the worst way, truly forgettable (I haven't forgotten—I have evidence, and I WILL blackmail you. You know who you are). Suffice it to say, if you didn't come up, you missed out. Until next year...


    Jacob Chase '10 

    The 2007-2008 year has been a successful one for Pi Kappa Alpha athletics at Cornell.

    The intramural soccer team won its respective division with an undefeated 5-0 regular season record, which led to a number 3 ranking in the playoffs. After a 2-0 opening round victory, they unfortunately ran into eventual champion Theta Delta Chi, which ended their run.

    Our intramural flag football team has enjoyed great success as well, posting the only undefeated record in the league on its way to winning their division and a number 1 seed in the playoffs. The team cruised through the first two rounds of the playoffs, and after a nail biter overtime victory in the semifinals against SAE, beat powerhouse Sigma Nu at night on Schoellkopf field, winning 7-0 in the first half. (ed. note.: see preview in Cornell Daily Sun )

    The hockey team got off to a promising start with a 12-0 victory over Llenroc thanks to the return of several key players who went abroad last year. They won their respective division with a win 2-0 win over SAE.

    The defending champion volleyball team has jumped off to a quick 2-0 start and a number 7 ranking in the fraternity league. Second semester looks promising as well, as the defending champion basketball team tips off and the softball team that made it to the league semifinals returns to the diamond.

    Alumni Notes

    Go to - Updated Alumni Notes -

    "Since I last some of you at Reunion 2007,  I am, much to my chagrin, doing the 'burb thing in Atlanta. My wife Coleen and I have a daughter (age 4) and twin sons (14 months).  I've also taken a new job as General Counsel of SecureWorks, a cutting edge intemet managed security services provider. Other than that, life is boring and drab.  My goal for the 2017 Reunion is, nothwithstanding all the rug rats, to have more hair on my head than my neck (unlike Morgan Dempsey)."

    "In between,  I saw Bill Page and his gargantuan (6'8") son Robby (R-Dog) when they were in town for a volleyball tournament over the 4th of July.  Also saw Getto (Dave Gettleman '86) in Beantown when we flew up to see the Police at Fenway.  Pikes in Boston gotta check out Spike's Junkyard Dogs.  Getto runs 3 of them in town.  Way tasty food, particularly when you're boozin'.  Talk to Jeff Lowe who some kind of hotshot legal headhunter.  He's still just Lowie to me. My real bro and Beta Theta Pike Steve '88 lives in Orange County, California.  He's a senior IT guy for Pacific SunWear. He's got a 13-year-old son named Kyle."

    "Does this mean we're becoming grownups?  I hope not. You're young only once but can be immature forever!"

    If you're in Atlanta or passing through the gigantic mall that we call the Airport, email or give a call.

    ZuLu '86 
    Jeff Rosenberg

    Eensy Weensy Spider
    Hans Rempel, Mike Greenberg, Dik Saalfeld, Elliot Dee, Mark Martin, Jim Joseph, Ed Conti, Konrad Linsky, Bill Page, Ed Catto. (l-r)
    It's been over 20 years in the making , but this summer, Ed (Chow) Catto '85 and Kathe Day were married at Cornell's beautiful Sage Chapel, As many will recall, Ed and Kathe dated "back in the day" and she was a regular at many a Pike Formal.

    There was plenty of Pike support for this momentous occasion - including Ed Conti '83 who read during the wedding service, Mike Greenberg '85, Bill Page '85, Hans Rempel '85, Mark Martin '85, Jim Joseph '85 and Elliot Dee '84.

    Wedding Crashers included Paul (Konrad) Linsky '84, and, as one would expect, Dik Saalfeld '81-ish.

    Wedding attendees recall the high point of the day to be when the Pikes joined together in a rousing rendition of "The Eensy Weensy Spider".

    Post-reception activities were punctuated by endless rounds of "Wales Tails" at Curley's a tavern across the street from the Maximum Security Prison in Ed's hometown of Auburn, NY.

    Taz reports: "We had a 50th birthday reunion/celebration at Matt Schiff's condo in downtown Chicago. 'Lost Brother' Neal Droste '79 was found, and made the trip to Chicago, along with Bill Webster '79, Mark Ochs '79, and Nate Rudgers '83. Matt Schiff '79 was an excellent host, showing us the finest places for steak, wine, cigars, and, of course, blues music."

    Pike environmentalists gathered from across the country at the annual Independence Day brew-ha on 07-07-07 at Stag Lake. Joining Justus & Suzy at the vonLengerke resortKurt Schau tenderizing were Dennis & Max Arnsdorf, Chip Baines, Chuck & Carol Baker, Rich & Judy Cotter, Ralph & Carol Olivier, Kurt Schau, Tom & Jerri Sporney, Chuck Swensen & Alix.

    The 2nd Lager Cup was quite a competitive event. Gone were the boxer shorts sails and last night's dreams. In were the revamped and engineered craft. After the wind scattered most hither and yon all over the lake, entries of Swensen/Schau and Olivier were closest to the shore without actually touching. In the West vs. East restart, the Swensen/Schau Viking cruiser prevailed for the Cup.

    Mike Smith '69  retired four years ago. Son James is architecting in Boston, and designing his Cayuga Lake retirement house; daughter Dawn is raising a variety of farm animals and working in Scarborough, Maine. Cars remain a passion, and he continues to work out of "Mike's Garage - Where Nothing Is Easy or Cheap".

    Keith Everett '61  has retired from EDS, but stays active doing project management consulting work part time.

    Chapter Eternal

    The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

    Allan C. Bean '56
    January 27, 2007

    Karl G. Krech, Jr. '62
    March 14, 2007

    Ernest A. Luleich

    William H. Webb '51

    David H. Williams '49
    August 7, 2007


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