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Spring 2007 Volume 55 Number 2

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Spring Roundup

Tom Sporney '75 

Alumni Class Captains assisted in updating the Beta Theta contact information in the spring. We heard from alums whom we hadn't heard from in years, and reconnected with some who just hadn't gotten around to updating their information in our database. All in all, a successful initial effort to re-establish the bonds.

In particular, kudos goes to Fred Wege '69, Brian Pickerall '82, Art Witebsky '91, and Dean Katsaros '97 for their efforts. These brothers managed to contact a majority of their class, and proved to be an enormous help.

We've also added a webpage to collect class composites. If you have one to include, send in a good scan or print copy for reproduction.

Thank you to all who participated.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 5:30-8:30 pm
Mesa Grill in NYC
$70/person, exclusive of booze and tip

15+ confirmed attending to date

Please send checks & inquiries to
Art Witebsky '91
17 E. Mason Avenue
Alexandria VA 22301

Up & Out

Dave Frumberg '07 

Seniors moving on:
David Frumberg SUNY Downstate College of Medicine
Blaine Hirsch Law school
Derek Giddon Continuing studies elsewhere for dental exam/ DJ-ing
Matthew Brand Working for Credit Suisse
Josh Fox Law School
Paul Fine Working for Credit Suisse
Nick McGuire Law school
Derek Kaye Working for Student City
Andrew Hong Working in investment banking
MJ Bas Working for Rabobank Int'l (sales & trading)
Zach Warren Working for Steve and Barry's

Alumni Notes

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Lowell Taub '96  and Rebecca (Purow) Taub '96 welcomed daughter Hannah Ryan on April 14, 2007. Mom, baby and brother Jakob (3 years old) are all home, happy and healthy.

18 months after founding and running his own athlete management company, GFHF Marketing & Management, in October 2005, Lowell and his clients will be joining Creative Artist Agency's (CAA) sports representation division effective May 1st, handling the off-the-field marketing of nationally prominent athletes including Derek Jeter, Sidney Crosby, Ryan Howard, Brady Quinn and hundreds more.

The Taubs hope everyone is doing great - come visit in West Orange, NJ!

Art Witebsky '91  has a contract food service company. He lives in Alexandria, VA with wife Jennifer and two kids Katie (2) and Andrew (2 months).

"I became a golf pro in my spare time about 7 years ago. Played a lot, then the kids came along. Now I play 4 times a year! I see Mackle and Arabia every now and again. I would say that there are few things finer than catching up with them and swapping stories over beers and golf."

"Here’s the lowdown on the lowlifes that I managed to find!! Surprisingly there were very few of us going through life 'dumb, fat and stupid'! Everyone sounds like they are doing just fantastically personally and professionally. I must say that it was really, really cool to hear from so many people.

Barry Tretheway '62  recently moved from Naples FL to Callawassie Island SC last June.

"Will probably be moving back to Naples in 4-6 months. If any brothers are in the Hilton Head area, please give me a call."

Niskayuna, New York. January 6, 2007, high noon. 66 degrees (got to 71 later). If this is "global warming" it has my ballot.... Fred Wege '69 

Tom Yazdgerdi '85  has been in the Foreign Service 15 years now. He is stationed currently in Pristina, Kosovo until summer 2008. "Come visit!"

Bob Forness '87  continues to travel to Bermuda or London each week, only to come home on the weekends to drive Brian to ice hockey or soccer, and Keri to choir.

Bob & Lindsay welcome visitors to NJ (weekends), or other two locations during the week! Lindsay is busy on a capital campaign committee for Kappa Delta's house on campus.

Feeling a need for a change, Jim Schatz '67 retired from his county government career in September -- just short of 29 years. "I'm in search of a markedly different 2nd career, and spent time in Costa Rica and Greece pondering it."

Neil Cantor '94 will be a new dad by the time you read this.

"Shari & I are expecting their first child in about ten days. Just relocated to D.C. from Boston, and started a new gig to boot, so lots going on. A great '07 to everyone."

Don Whitney '68  & wife Bobbe are now "empty nesters". Son Jon just returned from 4 month assignment with U.S. Air Force in Iraq. Son Eli works for Hanover and is currently living in Dubai, UAE. Geneva works for Accenture and enjoys the business consulting assignments around the country.

Barry 'Thrax' Lawrence '84  writes "In August, I had the good fortune of meeting up with a bunch of Pikes recently in New York and Washington. Dik '81, '82, '83, '84, '85... was kind enough to invite me and the family to his house (it's in a real slummy part of Georgetown) for -- get this -- homemade ribs. I'll be damned, but they were pretty good. Brett Sylvester '84 was there with his family as well. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to Brett though because he spent most of the time trying to keep his son out of the Dik's fish tank -- literally."

"Last month I went to New York to see my beloved Mets in the playoffs. (So close, yet so far...) I met up with Paul Wessel '83 and we went to Game 1 of the NLCS. Paul, of course, sat in the lap of a luxury box, while I sat (this is no exaggeration) in the very top row. (He may have had a better view of the game, but I had a better view of the City. The Mets won the game on a late inning HR by Carlos Beltran.) The next day I met up with Paul 'Konrad' Linskey '84, who took the day off work to cruise around Manhattan with me and my son Adam. A great time was had by all, and it was terrific seeing everybody."

"Also, I stay in regular contact with the Pikes who are in my fantasy football and basketball leagues -- Chris Jordan '85, Andy 'Roscoe' Glasner '86, Hans Rempel '85 and Bill Page '85. They seem to be doing well, but I am a bit concerned about Roscoe's mental acuity given some of the moves he's made with his football team."

"I'm still in Salt Lake City; give a holler if you're in the neighborhood."


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