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Spring 2009 Volume 57 Number 2

News & information by the alumni association of the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University
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SMC Report

Steven Turell '11, SMC 

With the academic year coming to a close, and my term as SMC almost halfway done, I am proud to look back on the past semester at 17 South Avenue. We have continued to move the house in the right direction, rekindling alumni bonds, renovating the chapter house, and fostering the spirit of brotherhood.

This spring we have initiated a new pledge class of 17. Each of these new Pikes is excited to get involved in the house - two even have been elected to the executive board for next semester's term. I believe we have not only found a bunch of great guys but men who are going to step up and contribute to the house.

While the chapter has experienced some financial turmoil in the recent past, we have begun to turn the corner on that era. Treasurer Andrew Mlotok '11, with help from the entire brotherhood, has paved the way for the house to operate at likely modest, but impressive surplus for the 2008-2009 academic year. On a related note, the house continues to improve in its general condition. Thanks to all the alumni on behalf of the actives for the recent improvements including the new façade, refinished woodwork, and new bar. Individual brothers have also made great improvements to each of the bedrooms. This summer we hope to tackle the kitchen and renovate that pressing concern.

On the athletic front, Pike has excelled this year. Pike teams took home the trophy for flag football and volleyball, had high finishes in basketball and bowling, and both Pike teams are still alive in the softball playoffs. Currently, Pike is third overall in the Cornell All Sports-Challenge. Thanks to Athletic Chairman Jamie Hanfling '11!

Alumni involvement has really picked up over the last year as well. It seems like time-flies but the Homecoming invitation is included in this mailing and the actives would love to see an even bigger turnout than last year this fall. Zulu - don't think I haven't put your bottle aside already. We are all thinking of you. Even if it's not for Homecoming, we hope that any alumni up at Cornell will stop by 17 South to say hello and get to know the actives.

Our seniors this year are heading off to an array of opportunities including medical school, law school, and jobs at companies like American Express. We wish them the best of luck, but will miss them at Pike.

If anybody has any questions, wants some more news, or would just like to get reconnected, please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the active brothers. It's always nice to hear from the alumni.

Alpha Theta President’s Message

Ed (Chow) Catto '85 

This April, I attended the CEN’s (Cornell Entrepreneurial Network’s) 3-day workshop, and it provided me a unique opportunity to enjoy the campus and see the Pike lodge during the 'regular' school year. Now, admittedly, I lucked out and it was during the first nice weather of the semester – so everyone on campus was ecstatic to welcome back the sunshine. Shorts and skirts were the norm for the student body, and the campus came alive with green. The fraternity lodge, with the recent exterior upgrades, looked absolutely majestic from the west campus approach. That little wedge of a park (does it have a name?) hadn’t grown in yet and afforded a Hollywood-worthy Pi Kappa Alpha view.

The actives, as is the norm in recent years, were kind and welcoming. They invited me to some relax time on the Pika beach, the roof over the pool room, and a Linden Avenue Annex party. It was good to spend some time with them, but, as you can imagine, the realities of the economy have put a chill into the senior class. Please do keep in mind any ideas or suggestions for our graduating Pikes. You can contact me directly or post on the 17 South Avenue list.

I had a couple of marvelous alumni experiences during the conference too.

Look forward to seeing you all at Homecoming again! In the meantime – feel free to email me , friend me on Facebook, link to me on Linked In, or follow me on Twitter. I'm also up for the old-fashioned 'let’s have a beer' approach too!

Ed (Chow) Catto ‘85

Reunion '09

Please join the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha for our 2009 Reunion Happy Hour. Well be showcasing the recent renovations and house upgrades, including the Chapter Room, Kitchen and Pike Bar. Our wine and cheese Happy Hour will feature New York State Wines and traditional Pike singing.  All are welcome - and be sure to bring the kids too! Saturday June 6th, 4 to 6pm.

Homecoming '09
October 16th to 18th

Marc Rosenberg '12, Homecoming Chairman 

On behalf of all the actives, we are very excited to have everyone back at Cornell and 17 South Avenue next fall. It should be a great weekend and we're going to keep you busy. For those who didn't attend Homecoming last year (and for those who did), I think it was one of the best events we have had in a long time. We hope to continue that tradition.

The special alumni price for the Saturday night formal will be $40 per person or $75 per couple/family. Don't worry, the house will be providing all the food and drink everyone could possibly want.

Anyone needing help finding a place to stay can try the Visit Ithaca website. Any questions, please email me .

Please drop me an email or respond to our evite to let me know if you are coming.

We'd love to have an even bigger turnout than last year. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

Friday October 16th
8:30 pmWine and Cheese Sign-in
Saturday October 17th
9:30 amBagels and Coffee
10:00 amAlpha Theta Meeting
11:30 amTailgate at Schoelkopf Field with BBQ
1:00 pmHomecoming Game, Cornell vs. Fordham (tickets available at the game)
7:00 pmCocktail Hour
8:00 pmHomecoming Dinner and Formal
Sunday October 18th
10:00 am Farewell Continental Brunch

Alumni Notes

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Paul Weston '79  sends greetings from Down Under!

"Fritter (aka Leslie Dombrowski Weston, DG '79) and I have settled into Wagga Wagga, New South Wales to being a new phase of our lives. After getting shafted royally by Big Red, we've landed on our feet in Australia, starting new positions at Charles Sturt University (not a prominent name yet, but just wait!). The Frit successfully competed for an 8-year fellowship awarded by the government of New South Wales, so we've picked up stakes and relocated here. We'll continue our work in weed science and entomology in a land where many things are done the reverse of the States (driving on the left side of the road, midday sun in the northern sky, swirlies running clockwise, etc.). After the ordeal of moving shop here, we're thinking we'll likely remain here the rest of our days - it's a great place. Daughter Nicole will not become a Cornellian as she has been smitten by Australia and plans to attend college here after graduating from HS in June (she's a classmate of Becky Ochs, daughter of Mark "Taz" Ochs and Mary Anderson Ochs, both Class of '79ers). I definitely plan to make it back to NY for deer camp in future years to show hunting buddies Taz, Dik '80, Monti '80, and Nate '82 how to shoot straight after consuming large quantities of bourbon the night before opening day."

"If you find yourselves in the land of kangaroos and koalas, look us up and we'll show you some real southern hospitality!"

P.S. Looking for a base of operations in the Ithaca area? We're selling our classy old farm house in Trumansburg. Beautiful grounds, solidly built, situated on 6 acres (with the possibility of purchasing more from an elderly neighbor). Features include 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 4100 sq. ft., hardwood flooring throughout, completely furnished, 2 barns - original carriage barn and brand-spanking new 8-horse barn, fenced pastures, beautiful gardens, fruit trees, sugar bush, the works! Great potential as a B&B. 10 minutes from Ithaca.

With his first grandson soon to be 2, 85-year old Joe Quade '49  has set his goal to be in the high school bleachers when grandson plays his first game of high school football. "I'll be 101. My daughter is expecting her second child this coming August, but I haven't set any goals for this one yet."

Paul Wessel '83 and Mike McCoy '84 came over celebrate the New Year with Neil Best '82 . "We just learned that Abby Wessel '13 has been accepted into Cornell, the latest in a long line of PiKA spawn to honor us by following in our footsteps. Jill McCoy is due to graduate in May of '09."

Bill Wood '70  has recently retired and jumped right into the vat with another fulltime job, R&W Vineyards. Click on the links for construction and 2008 vintage; nice slideshow there!

Charlie Shafran '70  retired in June. He is doing some consulting and teaching in the School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering at Cornell.

In December, Paul Barresi '84  ran into Dik Saalfeld '80 and his wife Kelley at the 2nd Annual 75th Annual Ambrose Peaney Memorial Nostalgiafest in Washington, D.C.  Jeff Lowe '86 was supposed to give the keynote speech, but ended up driving to Los Angeles to perform in a children's musical and dance revue instead, or at least that's how Dik explained it.  (He quickly become mesmerized by a mechanical cat on the counter near the sushi bar, which made his end of the conversation increasingly hard to follow.)  Dik did invite any Pikes in town for the Obama inauguration to go snorkeling with him in French Polynesia.

"He also went on a rant about Earl Butz and high-fructose corn syrup, the weight of his 'bike in a bag', and being paid way too much by the Department of Agriculture, but before I could figure that one out, Kelley decided that it would be best for everyone if she tried to lull Dik to sleep by humming a few songs from his favorite Menudo album.  We spent the rest of the evening eating only soft foods to avoid waking him up again."

Don Collins '53  is still living in Ft. Lauderdale, travelling a lot where he can -- Europe, China, cruises. "Come back to Cornell for all reunions - originally from Ithaca. Trying to hold on to investments, as we all are, and it's not easy. Still have a 65' Viking Motor Yacht -- may start using it again as diesel comes down. Anyone want to buy it? Life is good, but medical problems get bigger every day."

Bruce Mackle '91 and Art Witebsky '91  went up to see a lecture of a fellow alum at the Hotel School. "Went to see the Pike house -- looks good. If we have $75,000 lying around, we'd like to renovate the kitchen! Threw darts at the Palms; Schaefers are gone, and so is the $1 price."

Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

James E. Baumann '53
December, 2008

William deLaRosa '71

Ned E. Fellman '00
March, 2008
    We are so sad to inform any past friends that Ned Fellman passed away of underlying heart disease suddenly in March this year.  We are bereft and would appreciate any memories of Ned that past friends could share with us.
- Leslie Fellman , mother


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