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Fall 1996 Volume 45 Number 1
28 Jan 97

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Spring Rush

Chris Weldon '98
Alumni Relations

Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Theta just received 23 pledges. They are a core group of quality guys, as usual, and we look forward to their leadership in the future. We recruited five new athletes: two lightweight football players, a track man, and two rugby men. It's pretty exciting to get some fellow athletes into the house.

We were very successful during rush, relative to results posted by other houses on the hill. The sizes of the pledge classes are presently 23, 14, 22, 23 in decending order. Everyone is excited about this pledge class.


Homecoming 1996

Chris Weldon '98
Alumni Relations

This year's Homecoming was successful despite the invites which were accidentally passed over. The current brothers of Beta Theta express their regret in regards to this mistake, and will try not to let it happen again.

As usual, we had our Alpha Theta meeting. The issue of a live-in houseman was discussed. The topic was discussed in quite a bit of detail, but the members at the meeting decided to use a cleaning service for a specified period of time before the issue was discussed again.

We also had our annual tailgate before the Cornell vs. Princeton game. It seemed that all who attended, especially alumni from the classes of '90-'94, had a great time. The weather was good, and so was the sense of brotherhood. Many alumni were happy to be reunited, some too happy.

As usual, the formal was beautiful and so was the brunch. Overall, it was a terrific weekend. We recognize that a lack of invitations lowered possible attendance of alumni, and once again we do apologize. If you are in Ithaca, stop by the house and see the new renovations. The live-in brothers will be happy to see you and even give you a tour, explaining all of the new renovations.


October Update

Chris Weldon '98
Alumni Relations

All is going very well at Beta Theta this semester. The undergraduate chapter voted to apply for a chapter excellence award in which we hope to eventually win the Smythe Award. The Smythe is the award given to Pi Kappa Alpha's top ten chapters. We are extremely confident that if we follow the guidelines we have set for ourselves, we will achieve our goal.

Beta Theta currently has a winning record in all of the sports being participated in this fall, except for soccer. We expect to make the playoffs and are hopeful of a championship in one or more of our sports.

Community Service
Beta Theta is much more aware of community service now that we are striving for the Smythe Award. With a goal of 2,000 hours for the year, the undergraduates of Beta Theta are stepping up to the challenge, and will hopefully far exceed this goal. One undergraduate has compiled 73 hours already.

Varsity Sports
Beta Theta currently has more varsity athletes than it has in the past four years. There are four athletes who are playing lightweight football, soccer and tennis.

Alumni Relations
Unfortunately alumni relations to the undergraduates has been fairly poor in the last year or two. We are striving to change this through increased communication and information posted on the World Wide Web.

As you can see, the undergraduates of Beta Theta are really trying to make a difference this year. Not only are we concentrating on the past through better alumni relations, but we are also working on the present (intramurals and community service), and the future (with our hopes set on the Smythe and a successful rush). Not only are we getting better, but stronger as well.


No Homecoming Quorum

At the annual meeting of the Alpha Theta Fraternity on Saturday, 21 September 1996, a quorum of members was not in attendance. Thus, the alumni organization was unable to conduct business. All directors and trustees whose term expired will remain in place until new elections can be held.


Changes in Latitude... (with apologies to Jimmy Buffett)

Commencing with the next (spring) issue of Beta Theta Data, mailing of the printed version will be undergoing a change.

"Having maintained the contribution database and mailing list privately for 4 years, we feel that we have an accurate understanding of the active supporters of the alumni organization," remarks Tom Sporney. "We expect to implement savings in printing, postage, database management. As well, we are looking to offset recent postage increases brought on by USPS 'reform'." (FYI, during this time period, our piece rate has increased from .111 to .256.)

During the latest period of list management, alumni brothers have received improved service of regular, timely, consistent BTData publication & contribution acknowledgement, and, recently, regular updates via the Internet website at http://ai2a.net/~neymo/btdata.html.

Changes in the mailing are expected to be fairer to current dues contributors, who are sharing costs with non-responding alumni brothers. Initially, all alumni with contributions of record will be included; later, as the list is pared down, only recent dues-contributors will be included on the full mailing list, while all listed alumni will still be afforded the contact opportunity annually.

We hope that you understand the reasons for these changes. We welcome your comments and criticism.



May 1, 1997 Spring 1997 Beta Theta DATA deadline
summer, 1997 Summer Party
September 27, 1997 Homecoming vs. Colgate
September 19, 1998 Homecoming vs. Princeton


Alumni Notes

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ZuLu '86 [ jrosenberg@hunton.com ] lives! In Atlanta. Burnt out from doing corporate finance work on Wall Street, he has bolted NYC for the confines of the Olympic town where he has found definitive proof - the political correctness movement notwithstanding - for both the existence of G*d and his masculine gender: how else does one explain the invention of the tennis skirt?

"Talked to Lars Fuchs '86 in Hong Kong where he is planning his next Snerdlap film with his long-time paramour 'DaDa' (yes, you read correctly). Was spending lots of time with the satellite branch of the Bombay Club with Tim Cole '83 until he had the unmitigated jewels to move to Puerto Rico to run a resort there. Wonder how they like his white bucks and bowling shoes? Dave Gettleman '86 is, despite the rumors, shooting live ammunition. After many years of Dave and Wendy denying they wanted kids, Dave finally made the grade and out popped little Clark Gettleman. I also ran into Rob "I'm divorced and loving it too" Erlichman some time ago in Midtown. He's working for Booz(e) Allen as a management consultant. My real brother Steve has also matched chromosomes with his wife to produce a truly anomalous concept: a blonde Rosenberg. Kyle is now two and change and talking more than I ever did. Apparently, his grades are also better - not hard to do."

After 10 years practicing vet med in Binghamton NY, Jeff Hall '73 [jah@crml.uab.edu ] decided it was time to finally start to grow up, which brought him to Minnesota where he taught for 5 years and worked for Cardiac Pacemakers (Guidant Corporation) first as a vet, then as manager of clinical programs, and currently in Alabama as a Principal Scientist in Cardiac research.

"It has been an interesting journey which has been very rewarding, especially with my side line of addiction medicine and education. Even though I don't drink anymore I was saddened to see the 'soda' machine was gone from the 3rd floor (or is it just well hidden? I know the rules have changed!) I remarried in '95, and have a lovely 8 year old daughter."

Ed Catto '84 [chowking1@aol.com ] reports that Lacy Rae Catto was born October 5th, at 1:06 pm. This gorgeous little girl is 8 lb. 1 oz. and 21 fun-filled inches long; mother, baby, and big sisters are all doing fine. She's named after Ed's maternal grandmother, in case you were wondering!

"We arrived at the hospital at noon, and were greeted with a chorus of "what a bad day to have your baby" by the nurses, due to the overcrowding! Turns out everyone was quite busy during those blizzards last winter. Well, Jann had had just about enough, and started to deliver the baby just as our (tardy) doctor was rushing in the door. He ran out again to put on his scrubs and Lacy Rae started to crown! It was quite a sight as the nurse was holding that little baby in while the doctor franticly was putting on the gloves! But everything turned out safe and sound and we're all so ecstatic."

"Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support throughout this difficult pregnancy. We'll be in touch with you all very soon."

TC '82 and Carson '84 Carbone [carbone@dx-net.fr ] "were pleasantly surprised to find the Beta Theta Homepage on the Internet. Especially since we have been living and working in Strasbourg, France for the last couple of years. Any resemblance of home and what is going on is very much appreciated. Carson, the girls, and I return to the USA from France this fall. After November 1st we will set up our home base in Annapolis, MD. Hope to make homecomings and summer parties again soon. See you soon at a future Pike event..."

Ken Parsons '89 [KAParsons@aol.com ] has lots to update over the past five years...

"After escaping from active duty Air Force on an early release program (I was an instructor pilot in Columbus, MS flying the T-38), I went on to the Air Force Reserves full time as a C-5 Galaxy Yoke Actuator. Spent some time riding camels in The Desert (no good bars in downtown Kuwait), and got my 15 minutes of fame as the first pilot to land at Mogadishu International in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope. My travels have taken me all over the globe, from Africa to Asia to Central America. Lots of stories to tell over a beer or six if anyone's interested; bottom line is 'There's no place like home!'

After a major brain fart that took me into the corporate world of technical sales and marketing for a couple of years, I am returning to the cockpit full time in October, in search of a position with a major airline. My wife Pauline (Ithaca College '90 - a lesson for current Pikes as to where to find the perfect woman!) is a Marketing Officer with Chubb Life America, climbing the corporate ladder like a rocket (she's in line to become the youngest VP in their history). We have plenty of room in the woods of NH if anyone needs a place to crash near Ski Country; always a bottle of Jack waiting to be tapped!

Wedding News - About the only time we seem to get more than two Pikes together at once are these blissfull events. My wedding saw Bill Bosak '89, Dave Cook '89, Tim Lockwood '89, Jim Levitan '89, and Stacy Oshry '89 all sharing shots of Uncle Jack. Made the trek to Tuscon, AZ with Larry Scwartz '89, Bosak and Cook for Paul Kinderman's ('88) shindig. Bosak's was another PikeFest, with Cook, Kindu, John Small '90, Larry Dopkin '89, Tom Shpetner '89, Howie Trepp '89, Pete Tober '89. And for all of you searching for Wegman's star Tim Lockwood '89, I'll be an usher in his affair in October...

I'd love to hear from y'all - with all my traveling, I'm bound to be in your neck o' the woods soon!"

All is well in Salt Lake City. Thrax '84 [blawrence@joneswaldo.com ] partied with Roscoe (Andy Glasner '86) in Phoenix back in February.

"Saw the Tool (Ed Conti '83) the other day in San Francisco; he's just about married, believe it or not. Spending lots of time skiing and swimming with the Adman (Adam Lawrence, class of '12) and his sister (and arch-nemesis) Hannah ('15). If anyone's ever in the area, or if you're flying through Salt Lake with a hefty layover, give me a call; the airport's only a few minutes away and we actually have a few pubs over at the airport now. Yes, Salt Lake has finally entered the twentieth century."

Kevin O'Connell '85 [kpoconnell@lucent.com ] is still working for Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T) in Allentown PA, as marketing manager for videoconferencing products. "We were blessed with twin sons last year, Cian and Brian, to join our 4-year old son, Tom."

Ian Brown '93 graduated from Harvard with a Master in Public Policy in June 1996. In August, he begins work in New York with the newly initiated Independent Budget Office. He was married to Jennifer Schwartz (ILR '93) on July 21st, and has taken up residence in Brooklyn.

Carl Rugg '74 [bovelite@mail.myriad.net ] is still down in Texas (College Station to be precise). "Sounds like some of the "Wild Bunch" from the '74 - '76 era still gets together. It's been forever since I've seen the old school."

"I started my own business a few years ago. Still playing with bovine. Selling semen, embryos, and related products/equipment to cattlemen, worldwide. Should finish my website in the next couple weeks. Riding the Harley and playing golf for fun."

The 23th anniversary of the Whatever-day-of-the-fourth-of-July bash at Justus von Lengerke's went off with a bang. The Schau and Swenson contingent brought the weather from California, making the beer go down just like the old days. Despite the growing number of offspring running around, the keg was floating by early evening.

Rich "Welcome Back" Cotter '76 arrived with the newest member of his family, Coco. With Le Cirque moving into the New York Palace by the end of the year, Coco says she is looking forward to ample supplies of fois gras in her bowl.

Mitch Morse '74 arrived with his two enormous Newfoundlands who guarded the cabin from the likes of Coco. He couldn't wait for the arrival of Chip Baines '76 so that the fun could begin. Fun, as defined by a rousing game of bridge by the tennis court starting at 11:00 a.m. The keg was tapped, they were not the weenies.

Chuck Baker '75 and his lovely wife Carol '75 made the trip from Pennsylvania. With kids and dog in tow, they managed to keep a low profile at the bridge table. They, too, were not the weenies.

Joe Fiteni '76 gave a quick look at the lake's dam, thus allowing both he and Justus to make the day a tax write-off. Joe's analysis determined that a new 30-foot high dam would be both necessary and required to power the keg-o-lator for next year's 24th annual fourth of whatever. Also, Joe and fellow brothers defended the float from marauding seven-year-old girls. We all felt much safer and... they were not the weenies!

Barry Marcus '74 and Jean '76 arrived from New York. Barry was able to write off the day's journey by discussing the liabilities of rusty nails sticking out of the dock. Or was it "the fundamentals of rust in the economic market place"? Daughter Marisa was one of the defeated float-crashers. Definitely not weenies.

Ralph Olivier '76 arrived a night early with his wife, Carol. Kurt and Ralph were into Justus' humidor after grazing at Falconers that evening. Hi-ho the cardiologist. Ralph and Carol identified the many species of birds at Stag Lake, including the elusive Piper Cub. Ralph, with his German nose in the air, refrained from drinking what he thought was Budweiser (isn't that German?). When he found out it was Sam Adams (that's not German is it?), the fat lady was already singing. Could Ralph be the weenie?

The fleet brought in Chuck "Ensign" Swenson '76 and the rest of his crew. Chuck confessed that he finally got a computer. His six-year-old son said it had all the latest games, including Pong. Toni, his wife, was recuperating from knee and foot surgery but still managed to keep Chuck on his toes. That Monday they headed up to Cornell to show the family where he... well never-mind.

Kurt Schau '76, a/k/a the Hound, howled at the moon since he was spouse-less. Esther couldn't make the cross-country trip, but Kurt managed to look, not touch. His Master in Hotelry came in handy -- the bo-burgers were cooked to perfection. He brought a special collection of Oregon wines which he proudly shared with his host. Kurt tried to snarf a back rub from a female chiropractor. Apparently she had heard about...

Justus von Lengerke '75 quietly watched and helped drain the keg as his visitors swam, canoed and dined on an eclectic mix of food graciously provided by the guests. He spent all afternoon blaming others for lingering odors. He was the host, it would have been ungracious to argue with him.

In the spirit of Emily Post (never), Justus lent his phone to the drunken remainder of guests who began calling world wide PiKAs. They did not show up -- they must be the weenies.

The first victim was Hans Hahne '75, or rather, Hans' baby-sitter. Where was Hans?, she wondered. We found him in Florida and we don't want to know.

Mark Hu '75 was hiding out in Wisconsin, but the ever-persistent touch-toners were able to track him down. He answered the call not with "How are you guys," but with "How did you get this number?" Vee haf our vays. He had no excuse for not attending the party, so he was deservedly and expectedly harassed. Gung ho, fat choy!

Dana quickly handed the phone off to Rich Geoggel '73, muttering something about a plugged toilet and the damn mad shi...

Tom Sporney '75 was fondly remembered by Carolyn who announced to all present about the size of his legendary appendage.

One of the younger Cotters (or was it Coco?) summed up the day's festivities by asking Judy '76, "Explain to me why we have to leave?"

Respectfully submitted,
Douglas C. Niedermeier, Sergeant-at-Arms

"Wow, it's been a long time since I have spoken with anyone at the Pike chapter in Ithaca," says Eric Webb '90. "There is a Pike chapter at UNH where I have gotten to know some of the brothers and have skied with them."

Little brother Andy Herbst '91 just graduated med school and is doing an internship at Columbia Prebyterian.

"I went out with Jeff Romano '90 last time I was in San Francisco. He is doing very well working for People Soft, a software company."

"That same season I ran into Dave Serepca '89 while skiing at Squaw Valley in California. Dave is a lawyer doing very well in San Francisco. He even talked about buying a house, which in San Fran is no small feat."

"I worked for Hannaford Bros. company for 4+ years as a project manager, among other positions, and left them 2 years ago to join a small company in Portsmouth, Windward Corporation, where I am now President and CFO. We specialize in designing, importing, and marketing fine giftware, and have grown twofold each year since I joined; this year we hope to grow threefold."

"I have been to China twice and Hong Kong once on business for the company, and have spent a lot of time at trade shows around the U.S."

"Business keeps me pretty busy, but I spend a lot of time skiing, hiking, sea kayaking, and mountain biking with my wife Anne. The rest of the time we are working on restoring a home we purchased, that was built in the 1780's. Portsmouth is on the Piscataqua River just off the Gulf of Maine. It's gorgeous, and there are a ton of young people, many grads from UNH, that live in town... it's tough not to have fun here."

"We may be moving to London in the fall. My wife is going to open an office for her software company, Clam Associates, there. I hope to open a Windward office."

"Hope to see you in Ithaca soon."

Keith Everett '61 reports that son Scott Everett is entering his senior year in Chemical Engineering at Cornell.
Doug Sacha '76 gave Tom Sporney '75 and Jane a birthday visit on June 21st. Kathy and clan (Derek, Carly, Kristin, David) provided unexpected tests of physical endurance, culminating in "Slug Sporney" dragging the Sacha progeny on his back across the lawn (photos forthcoming!) A wonderful birthday present...
Bob Greenberg '76 is senior supervisory engineer at the Federal Communications Commission in charge of radio broadcasting. He has been employed by the FCC for 17+ years, currently supervising a large staff and involved in all facets of AM and FM broadcasting, i.e. grant of licenses, enforcement actions, rule changes, etc. In addition, he gives speeches at major broadcast conventions and has been published many times. "It has been an interesting ride!"
Since graduation, Dave Cook '89 [Daveworlde@aol.com ] has traveled professionally to 29 countries and to most of the U.S. while working for Maritz Travel in St. Louis, MO. His job involved coordinating major sporting events like the Barcelona Olympics and The Skins Game. He joined Hospitality Valuation Services (HVS) in New York in '93 and developed a human resources consulting arm. Brother (both in blood & ppka) Casey Cook '91, works for Maritz and lives in St. Louis. Dave lives on the upper west side of Manhattan and would enjoy hearing from Pikes around the world.

"I keep in touch with Larry Schwartz '89, who is opening an Italian restaurant in Hailey, Idaho in July, 1996. Larry also has logged more hours skiing Sun Valley than any other Pike. He welcomes all Beta Theta brothers."

"Chris Reading '90 worked at Maritz for three years and now pursues a Country Music singing career in San Diego. I've got his demo and it's great."

"Kenny Parsons '89 and I played golf at Pebble Beach in the summer of '95. Shared in the festivities with Larry Dopkin '89, Tom Shpetner '90, Ken Parsons '89, Paul Kinderman '88, John Small '90, and Howie Trepp '89 at Bill Bosak's wedding in '94."

"Rob Lefkowitz '89 is a radiologist in NYC and getting married in '96 and Todd Edwards '89 left Long Island after five years living in Farmingdale and working with Marquette Electronics. He resides outside of Milwaukee, is married, and continues working for Marquette."

"I see Alan Tantleff '88 and Mike Schiff '88 once a month at Cornell Society of Hotelmen board meetings."

"Talked with Evan Kanew '91 and Rick Lipsey '89 at Sports Illustrated recently. Evan covers boxing and Rick... what else... golf!!"


Chapter Eternal

The brothers of Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha extend their sympathy to the families and friends of the following brothers:

Judge Elbert P. Tuttle '17
June 23, 1996



term Alpha Theta Director (interim)
1996 Mike Greenberg
1997 Ian Brown, Vice President
1998 Steve Amador, Treasurer
1999 Tim Cole, President
2000 Neil Cantor, Alumni Relations

Spring '97
Undergraduate Exec Board
President Dan Hest dah9@cornell.edu
Internal VP Andrew Schleimer
External VP Andrew Fabian abf3@cornell.edu
Treasurer Matt Elias mde2@cornell.edu
Secretary Jake Sigmund
Pledgemaster Dave Becker
Social Chair Noah Kerner

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