Dik's Ravings
NZ flag Dik Saalfeld '80
Kiwi correspondent

We are in the process of relocating to Wellington, New Zealand. We have rented our house in Georgetown to a young couple we will meet moments before the lease goes into effect. We have leased a house in Wellington, the view from which you can only imagine in your wildest fantasies; it includes rocky coastline, the harbor opening, quaint towns, mountains, and the South Pacific. Kelley will be doing big time health care management stuff and actual hands-on headshrinking, and I will be trolling about for lawyer jobs. We will be there at least a year, perhaps two; other expats there say "perhaps forever". We shall see. Most of you are welcome to visit, although I have been somewhat liberal with this solicitation. If you want to visit the most beautiful country on the planet and you have not offended me (or vice versa) in the past year, consider yourself invited. We have 3 extra bedrooms.

We rented a container which is being packed at our house; we will seal it, then it will be put on a container ship and we will unlock it and unload it at the other end. It is cavernous, and we are thus greedily packing junk nobody else would ever think of dragging halfway around the world. It's insured because of Kelley's artwork, so I am hoping for cooperative monsoons and hurricanes. Lose a few paintings, buy a jag; that's the way I see it. Also, we are renting a storage room on this end for the stuff we can't possibly ship or do without in our future lives, and which we will not even remember we own until we unpack it and say "we paid $90 a month to store THIS?!"

For those of you who knew the beast, I am finally letting go of my 1973 Dodge Charger which I rode out of the dealer's lot in 1972. I am donating it to the Salvation Army who will auction it off and spend the money on drug and alcohol treatment programs. I have many happy memories of that car, but lest I get too maudlin, I also have many unhappy memories of that car, as it is the car I flunked my driving test in twice. The third time I flunked was in a Toyota. I finally passed in a Gremlin. The nightmares continue to this day. Anyway, don't get attached to material things, folks. It's not worth it, especially if your material things get 19 miles a gallon with a tailwind and belch blue smoke.

Since most of you are reading this at work, I will close now. I am planning another Dikgram mailing (regular post, pretty NZ stamps) soon; if you aren't on my mailing list - in other words, if you have never gotten one before - send me your home address. If you have gotten one and want to be removed from my mailing list, then a) send me an e-mail [KELLEYPhil@aol.com ], and ii) go soak your head. Most folks love these boffo, self-absorbed accounts of our adventures, some of which are actually true.

Cheers, mate.