Beta Theta Alumni Notes - 80/90s

26 Aug 07
compiled by Art Witebsky '91 

John Arabia ('89 init)  - Still dumb and stupid but not fat! Arabia lives out in Newport Beach, California. He works as night cleaner for Greenstreet Advisors. Something about partner and analyst were also mentioned. Heís still single so watch you daughters everyone their coming of age for Arabia. Life is good for the big man!

Bruce Mackle '91  - Three kids... beautiful I might add! Married to a great woman, Susan. Works for HSBC doing something on Wall Street. Lives in Rye - nice house. Likes to hack it around the golf course every now and again.

Neil Cantor-Just moved back to Washington, DC from Cambridge, MA. Married to Shari (sheís not a man) with a son (Zach). Lives in Georgetown.

Michael Sloan ( for Columbus Nova as a Partner and CFO. Itís private investment firm with over $2B of AUM. Thatís short for "did anyone see Boiler Room"! Single, lives in "the city"-as we all know, that means "the city" stupid. Heís obsessed with kite surfing. He just went to Las Vegas for Detuchís bachelor party with Palese, Kay, and some other questionable characters.

Darren Massara ( woke up and left the IFC and is out in Hong Kong working for Merrill.

Dan Rothberg ( of the coolest cats!! Heís an Emergency Room doctor at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. Now this is something I could understand. No equity. No investments. Just plain flat out helping people. Heís married to Melissa Sherman, Cornell í91 an SDT. He told me not to laugh to loud about that! Gotta love Dan! Heís got two kids Samantha (8) and Ali (5). He spends time doing the usual daddy things like having the kids fetch beers, do funnels, and play with matches.

Scott Rogers ( at Norwegian Cruise Lines. You can image heís got good perks. Iím jealous cuz he gets to play Pebble Beach every year. Heís married to Stacey and has two kids-Brett (6) and Molly (3). He lives in Miami and spends weekends by the pool drinking beers. Scott complains that Detuch went AWOL on him when Scott got married!

Jason Lapin ( in Vegas with his wife Courtney and two kids Gus (4) and Matilda (2). Heís a partner in a cool company-Elizabeth Blau and Associates. He spends 200+ day son the road. He still chats with Cota and Jeff Hill!

Jason Spillerman ( Jason lives in Philadephia. Married for six years and has a 4.5 year old namved Garrett (NAMED AFTER GLENN WEINER). Heís a partner in a real estate development and strategy frim that specialize in developing retail, restaurants, and entertainment casinos and destination hospitality projects. He keeps in touch with Jason Lapin, Rich Jacklin, Noah Eisner, and Kevin Strauss.

Josh Bernstein ( the famous one! Josh spent the last three years hosting an international adventure and arcaheology series "Digging for the Truth" If you havenít seen him on the tele then you must be living under rock! Josh recently decied to leave the History Channel for a bigger opportunity at the Discovery Channel. He will host and executive produce series and specials on archaeology, anthropology and the environment.

Jeff Rosier ( Works as an attorney in New York City for Marsh and McLennean. Married to Allsion Libshutz í93 and has two daughters, Nathalie (6 ) and Kate (4). He lives in Scarsdale.

Kevin Strauss ( Has been working as an investment manager with a high net worth firm. His company Abner, Herrman & Brock Asset Management in Jersey City has about $750 million for private clients and their families. Kevinís got three kids ages 2, 4, and 6.

Mark Gerber ( Lives in Boston. Heís doing sales research for a boutique investment bank and has a 4 year old daughter named Madeline. He still talks to Otis Curtis and Scott Drake.

Jason Brand ( Lives in Tokyo. Working for Merrill Lynch. His wife Malindi and daughter Dagny (4) are with him.

Noah Eisner ( Lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a bunch of years at Oracle, left in 2005 to start his own company called Coupa Software. At Coupa they deliver a set of procurement applications focused on mid-size companies. When not at work, he spends time with his wife Sarah and two boys Wilson (5) and Ben (2).

Sanford Davidson ( Lives on Georgia coast on a sweet island about 45 minutes south of Savannah called St. Simons. Married for 7 years to Gena and had his first baby two months ago. Named him Koa, which is Hawaiian for "fearless". Finally, gave up Biology dream and started into the real estate biz. Heís Managing Partner for Georgia Fairway LLC. Spends time fishing, shrimping, and pumping biceps!! Sandy is still the coolest!!!

Rob Kay ( Lives in Manhattan-still losing his hair. Has three kids, Ella, Cole and Amelia (6, 4, and 2) Donít know what he does but apparently he makes a few bucks on the side dancing at Chippendales!

Steve Machnicki ( Steve is radiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Live son the Upper East Side. Lives in the same building as Andy Herbst. Still single but has been dating Regina for 2 years. Keeps in touch with Andy Jaffe, Evan Batoff, Mike Kessler, Sandy Davidson and Dave Cook

Andrew Jaffe ( Practices dermatology and skin cancer in Naples, Florida. Still working on songwriting. Married with 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls ages 8, 6, 4, and 1

Evan Batoff ( Life is good! Chases around his 18 month old son Nicholas.

Scott Drake ( Lives in Chape Hill, NC has 2 kids. Runs a seafood import/export operation.

Casey Cook ( does something somewhere in Baltimore. Heís Senior Vice President at Lives in Maryland!

Jonathan Grossman ( Got married in 2000 to Laurie. Has a 17 month old son Owen. Works as a television composer-Ever seen Joan of Arcadia?? Lives in Marina Del Rey, California. Hasnít fallen of a frat house, thrown up in a bucket in a long time. Misses the Nest!

Josh Fluhr ( Josh is married and is the proud papa of 2 month old. Lives in Manhattan.

Lou Diamond ( Married with with two kids Alec (6) and Toby (4) lives in Manhattan. Works at Merrill Lynch in Fixed Income Sales and Trading.

Tom Telesca ( Heís got lots of kids lots of hair and lives in Rye, New York-Still as cool and nice as ever!

Ken Eiser ( Lives in Baltimore. Just got married a few months ago!

Tony Prentice ( Lives in Manhattan after a stint at Starbucks in Seattle. Married with 24 kids! Just checking to see if everyone was still reading!